$35million redress for historical acts

Tauranga Moana iwi Nga Potiki a Tamapahore vows to grow the proportion of their Treaty settlement to continue strengthening existing initiatives for the benefit of all descendants.

Members of Ngai Te Rangi and Nga Potiki have gathered at Whareroa Marae in Mount Maunganui to witness the signing of a $35million Treaty of Waitangi settlement.

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Ngai Te Rangi chairperson Charlie Tawhiao and Nga Potiki a Tamapahore Trust Chairperson Colin Reeder sign the agreement. Photos: Tracy Hardy.

Minister of Treaty Negotiations Christopher Finlayson.

Both Ngai Te Rangi and Nga Potiki will each sign a deed with the Crown marking the end of negotiations with the Crown over redress for historical acts.

Nga Potiki a Tamapahore Trust Chairperson Colin Reeder says Nga Potiki have worked long and hard to reach the Deed of Settlement signing milestone.

"In signing the treaty, we do so knowing our effort has been about empowering all of our people - everyone counts.

"We need to acknowledge and redress past injustices for the benefit of all our people and the Settlement will enable us to do that."

Specific outcomes for Nga Potiki, from the Ngai Te Rangi and Nga Potiki a Tamapahore Deed of Settlement are:

-Quantum $3.2million (Nga Potiki estimates the total value at $20million including land and estates).

-A separate Post Settlement Governance Entity.

-The return of important tribal land and;

-Specific ongoing relationship with Government to achieve Nga Potiki aspirations. 

Naga Potiki estimates the settlement represents less than one per cent of the value of the land that was confiscated from them in the 1860s and subsequent Public Works Act land takings in the 1940s-1990s.

"We are confident we can rebuild, reconnect and revitalise from this aettlement," says Colin.

Members of Ngai Te Rangi and Nga Potiki, along with Treaty Negotiations Minister Christopher Finlayson, at the treaty signing in Mount Maunganui today.

In the settlement Nga Potiki will get back 50 acres of a 100 acre block, the other 50 acres was allocated to Waitaha nui a Hei iwi in their deed of settlement. 

Already, both iwi have aspirations to work together and investigate a joint venture to develop the land for an exciting, affordable social and commercial housing project.

Nga Potiki will be given exclusive statutory acknowledgement of the Papamoa coast from Parakiri to Wairakei. 

"Nga Potiki takes seriously our kaitiakitanga [guardian relationship] to our coast line, the sea runs through our veins," says Colin.

“So this aspect of the settlement is very important to us - it reconfirms our connection and affinity with the coast and the sea.”

Colin says in terms of cultural revitalisation, which can promote traditional bush practices, matauranga and rekindle ties to Waitaha and Tapuika iwi - 20 acres of Department of Conservation land at Otara reconnects to the ngahere that their ancestors enjoyed.

“We want to hold wananga in the bush on Maori medicines, youth trips to reconnect with the land, flora and fauna and really walk the talk in regards to kaitiakitanga like our ancestors did." 

With a current registered population of 540, and estimated population of 2500, Nga Potiki may be small, "but we punch above our weight", says Colin.

"We already have a fantastic affordable housing programme in place and this Settlement will help us take it to a whole new level.”

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Posted on 12-01-2014 22:00 | By crazyhorse

Everything I read say’s nga tipoki are a subtribe of Tuhoe some history saying they are the original people of "the mist", can anyone clear this up. this is one of the sites i came across. Cant wait to read all the history on the TOW site concerning this.

Not with two eyes

Posted on 18-12-2013 10:39 | By penguin

“...come and talk to us yourself.” What a waste of time that would be considering the statements you have made out of ignorance and denial. You say that this is a private matter for iwi. That cannot be when iwi and Maoridom in general constantly go public with their “concerns!” One fact that you will find difficult to grasp is that New Zealand is now a multicultural country whether you, I, or anyone else likes the concept. Time to get real!

penguin is disgruntled and factless

Posted on 17-12-2013 20:33 | By hakihana

penguin unfortunately you are clutching a pitiful little straws, as i invited you before why don’t u just show up at the marae and have this conversation ay??? The government have acknowledged the mess of the past and rightly so its being slowly rectified. It annoys me that this is a private issue for iwi but its publicly aired so that negative and ill informed people such as you get to voice your opinion. The shoe is not on your foot and you have no idea clearly of where we are coming from and the only way i think you could is to come and talk to us yourself.

For hakihana

Posted on 17-12-2013 16:46 | By penguin

Your ’angry’ comments are typical of someone who finds fact and truth difficult to live with. You go on about what Europeans have done or are doing to the land. How about being real and acknowledge that Maori are not all that innocent in this regard (note your list of things that you say Europeans are supposed to be responsible for)? But, of course, you would say that Maori problems emanate from the ‘wrong-doings’ of Europeans. Get your own house in order before blaming others!

for penguin

Posted on 17-12-2013 13:51 | By hakihana

Going on about the your moriori again far out and u plonker is that the best you can do. Moan and gripe all you want its getting you nowhere. All your people have ever done to this country is destroy it. In the 150+ years you have been here look at the mess! We’ve got effluent damaging the waterways and therefore the eco-system, disease, poverty, drugs and alcohol, pollution. So u want to talk about the moriori well look, apparently they were averaging about 7ft tall and there were approximately 10,000 here prior to our arrival now 7 canoe carrying what not even 100, but lets assume that around 2000 immigrants from Hawaiiki nui arrived to New Zealand. So 2000 versus 10000 7ft tall moriori??? and we are supposed to have wiped them all out without even a trace. Hahaha yeh right.

Maori are not innocent...

Posted on 15-12-2013 09:04 | By penguin

They did the same acts against the first people (Moriori) to live in New Zealand! Difference was that Moriori were forced out of their own country. Maori haven’t been...


Posted on 14-12-2013 20:11 | By HappyBay

Thank goodness for the reasonable majority of people in NZ and the powers that be we choose to represent us in this day and age. A day to quietly celebrate. Quietly given the settlement is agreed redress, a gesture, not the lotto win the non-reasonable would have us believe.


Posted on 14-12-2013 17:41 | By Carcass

Findlayson will do every thing in his power to give Iwi what they want forget about about the final settlement behind closed doors in Wellington there will be more wait and see


Posted on 14-12-2013 16:41 | By kapa

Winston Peters is right when he says we are heading towards apartheid. He says "New Zealand for all New Zealanders". I can’t understand why people hang onto their old prejudices of him, he is the best politician in Parliament. Remember the Gold Card, free medical care for under six year olds, not to mention our bridge here in Tauranga?? We need someone like him who is not afraid to speak out. Are we all just going to sit back and watch more of these things happen? It will bring nothing but trouble, whereas we need unity and harmony of all races who live here in our beautiful country to go forward.


Posted on 14-12-2013 15:38 | By Jitter

What a Dreadful thing to say Plonker. You are quite correct though. You must not mention the atrocities they committed otherwise you will be labelled biased and racist. They of course are never biased and racist.It is interesting that they completely forget the atrocities they committd against their own people and the settlers who legally bought their land.

Blame the governments of the day!

Posted on 14-12-2013 14:53 | By Equality

It will never stop as long as the governments of the day pander to their every demand! As long as this state of affairs continues who can really blame them for their aspirations?? Perhaps Colin Craig can make a difference - he is the only one willing to put it into words as far as the politicians go, the way we all feel.


Posted on 14-12-2013 14:32 | By Plonker

Ripped off again ... when are IWI going to redress the atrocities of the past against the settlors, Moriori and others all who were murdered in cold blood in their beds ... woman and children were not exempt from these barbaric acts. Yet here they go rewarded. So much for the terms of the treaty where Maori demanded the Queens law apply to NZ. What a joke it all is.