Final reading for gay marriage bill

Same sex marriage looks set to become legal in New Zealand as the Marriage Amendment Bill has its third and final reading in Parliament tomorrow night.

The bill passed its committee stages with 77 votes to 43 last month and little change is anticipated for the final vote.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges will continue to vote against the Marriage Amendment Bill in its final reading tomorrow.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges voted against the bill at every stage of the process.

“I don’t think it’s the biggest issue Parliament is going to deal with anytime soon. It looks very likely to pass.

“I have voted against it really for a couple of reasons. The first is all the feedback I am getting from my electorate makes it clear the majority of people of Tauranga are against it.”

Simon says he has always tried to reflect the views of the people of Tauranga when it comes to voting on conscience issues.

“Secondly, I think more than being a legal matter marriage is a deeply cultural, historical and religious institution built up over a very long time.

“I wouldn’t change it lightly.”

Coromandel MP Scott Simpson says he will be voting in favour for the change which will enable couples to marry irrespective of sexual orientation.

“Over the past few months, a significant number of people have taken the time to let me know their views and I very much appreciate that.”

He says marriage is important and the decision of two loving people to enter into a committed relationship is a good thing.

“It is good for them, their families, their children and our society. If the impact of the Bill is that more people enter this commitment, then, to me, that is something positive.

“When it comes to the State recognising the relationship between two people, my view is that a completely neutral term, not marriage, should be used to label the State recognised union.”
He says the State does need to recognise relationships, but doing so in a way which discriminates or creates different categories between couples based on orientation is something he finds difficult to accept.

“Ultimately how a couple celebrates, defines or refers to their relationship is a matter for them.”

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Gay marriage POLL?

Posted on 17-04-2013 21:28 | By Blessed

Many people dont mind Gay marriage, where did Simon get the idea that this electorate is against it?? Each to there own. Equal Rights

Gay marriage

Posted on 17-04-2013 17:10 | By Glen Clova

Sick is all i can say.

No One has a Right

Posted on 17-04-2013 14:57 | By Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui

Same-sex marriage disregards the natural order of procreatory responsibility, not only confusing the natural disposition of parental authority; but undermining the legal principle that children have a right to a relationship with their biological parents, depriving a child access to their biological parent’s genetic, cultural and social heritage, not for extraordinary circumstances, but as a matter of routine. Same-sex marriage amounts to nothing more than institutionalized adultery through a hostile takeover of civil society by the State. Children will no longer be entitled to their biological parents, as the transitory wants of same-sex adults will have taken precedence over a child’s best interest. Same-sex marriage proponents demand “Marriage Equality”, yet, in return, they offer less-than-equal protection of the child’s happiness than can be afforded through the presence of both biological parents. Same-sex proponents profess that it is love which gives the right to join the institution of marriage, yet, in doing so, they selfishly violate the principle loving objective of this noble institution; to protect a child’s Natural Right to be raised by both biological parents. Same-sex marriage is not justice in the eyes of a child. Same-sex marriage is an abuse of power, a tyrannical subversion of the fundamental principles of marriage and the duties which it enjoins; contrary to the nature and state of man, same-sex marriage is merely the unwarranted whims of an ignorant and selfish generation whose conduct is nothing less that an embarrassment to the dignity of mankind. In fine, same-sex marriage is an unnatural extravagance which the supporters most ignorantly claim to be a “right”. “No one has a right to do that which, if everybody did it, would destroy society.” ---Immanuel Kant

Only one way

Posted on 17-04-2013 14:01 | By Chalky66

There’s only one way for this to be resolved and that is a referendum. The nation needs to decide how it’s moral fibre is made up. Approve or not it’s not up to self promoting vote gathering politicians to decide. If the nation decides that it is acceptable in todays society then so be it but if not then leave as it currently stands where Homosexuals and lesbians can join in civil union which is the recognised union.

Note to Simon, be very careful

Posted on 17-04-2013 13:05 | By bigted

Yes, be careful when you say that "That is what the majority of the electorate want". You cannot prove that, only by referendum can this majority be proven. Yes, you must make a vote; ultimately this depends on your personal opinion and some input by constituents.

Wonder if there are any secretly gay MPs?

Posted on 17-04-2013 09:22 | By Contradictus

Not that it matters, but I think hypocrisy rules in politics anyway. In the USA there often seem to be scandals, often involving politicians or christian mega ministers who rage against gays, only to be caught in compromising positions themself??? Then they say that the devil tempted them or their feet were so big they extended into the next loo cubicle accidentally? It’s a strange world.

Lap Dog

Posted on 17-04-2013 08:02 | By Gee9000

Your wrong simon, the majority of the electorate want this bill passed as all the polls show. Your just following the party line as a good lap dog does. Roll on the election


Posted on 17-04-2013 05:38 | By Sambo

Im with you johnnyredneck, this is a load of bloody rubbish, we as taxpayers have already spent a fortune on this, when already we have a bill that allows this, what a lot of self promotion,and why are there female only clubs, and you are not allowed by law to open a male only one?, I am not totally against gay marriage, but I am against the squandering of tax payers money on something that can already be done.


Posted on 16-04-2013 21:45 | By Johnnyredneck

The residents of Tauranga don’t approve of gay marriage, but they would Marry their cousin.

more important

Posted on 16-04-2013 20:57 | By Captain Sensible

The racist constitutional reform panel and what they are up to is more important. Simon is very quiet on that even though it is his govt that is allowing 85% of New Zealanders to become second class citizens.

Mr Tank

Posted on 16-04-2013 19:11 | By Mr Tank

The majority of people in this city are not against the legislation. Only the obnoxious ones who get up in Simon’s face about it. They are definitely his constituency even if the rest of us are not.


Posted on 16-04-2013 19:03 | By blokebear

Well Simon enjoy those votes when you have them, wonder if you backflip in 10 yrs when they have moved on? You’ve lost countless support and these things stick!

Abolish all mixed race marriages....

Posted on 16-04-2013 17:52 | By dgk

It seems that Simon wants a return to the traditional days when people of mixed race weren’t allowed to marry.