Thames playground vandalised, slide out of action

The damaged slide at Waiomu Domain. Photos: TCDC Facebook.

A slide at a Thames playground has been “decommissioned indefinitely, after it was intentionally vandalised.

Thames-Coromandel District Council says a slide, picnic area, and toilet have been vandalised at Waiomu Domain playground.

“The playground slide has been intentionally damaged, leaving a large crack at the base which makes it unsafe for use,” says a post on the council’s Facebook page.

“The slide has been decommissioned indefinitely. This is a huge disappointment for local and visiting families who use the playground.

“In the same incident, the ceiling in the sheltered picnic/porch area behind the toilet block that looks out to sea has been tagged with a lighter. “

Graffiti at the playground.

The vandalism has been reported to police.

The council is urging people to report any suspicious behaviour in the area.

“If the public sees anyone damaging or defacing public facilities, please to not hesitate to call the police in the first instance with details, and then advise the Council.”

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If . . .

Posted on 11-01-2022 22:02 | By

You think you’re so damn tough then go smash up a gang members motorbike . . . in front of them. Not so tough after all huh. Can smash up a little kids playground though ay. WOW.


Posted on 11-01-2022 14:07 | By

Bet these tough dudes are proud of themselves. Did you go home and get Mummy to clean your hands and wipe your nose after your time at the little kids playground.