Wellington cases linked to Tauranga festival

The Ministry of Health says there is a possible link by one of the cases to the Drum & Bass Festival held at Wharepai Domain in Tauranga on January 3. Photo: File image.

Two new cases of Covid-19 in Wellington have been linked to the Drum & Bass Festival held in Tauranga, says the Ministry of Health in a statement released on Saturday evening.

“Two new cases of Covid-19 in Wellington have been confirmed today. The two cases are linked to recent travel to the Bay of Plenty.”

A number of locations of interest in Wellington related to the two cases will be published today and tomorrow, including a possible link by one case to the Drum & Bass Festival held on January 3 at Wharepai Domain in Tauranga.

“Anyone who was in Tauranga for the festival is advised to get tested as soon as possible and isolate at home until they receive a negative result,” says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

“The case is judged not likely to be in their infectious period while at the festival, but we are asking attendees to be tested out of an abundance of caution.”

The Ministry states that this precautionary approach is being taken due to the large number of people in attendance at the festival.

“We note that the festival was held in accordance with the rules for outdoor events under the Covid Protection Framework including the use of vaccine passes for entry,” says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

“One of today’s Wellington cases was staying in a large household in the Bay of Plenty while there, and testing of their close contacts is being coordinated today.”

A full update on other cases around the country will be provided at the Ministry’s next update at 1pm on Sunday.


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@The Caveman

Posted on 09-01-2022 12:58 | By morepork

Look at the photograph. It is not rocket science to see that there are no masks or separation. People are just tired and stressed with Covid restrictions and they want normality. There are going to be lapses as long as there is no self-discipline. It is pretty easy to think everything is OK when everyone is behaving like it is. The reality is that we need the restrictions, and, without them, we can expect the same waves of Covid that are being experienced elsewhere. For myself, I’ve taken some time to make my home a good place to be, and easy to be in. I go out when I HAVE to, and watch who is allowed in. (I have some friends who are still unvaxxed; I don’t ban them, but I observe masks and separation around them, especially if we are indoors. I’m hoping they’ll change their minds...)

Yeah, it was only a matter of time

Posted on 08-01-2022 20:31 | By The Caveman

Before a few "clowns" from Wellington wandered up north and mixed with a few locals (and Aucklanders on holiday), and returned with "the bug".