Disappointment expressed at holiday road toll

Emergency services have been called a numerous fatal crashes over the holiday period. Photo: File/SunLive.

Police are disappointed by the number of fatal crashes on New Zealand roads this holiday period, many of which could have been avoided. 

As of 6am this morning, 17 people have lost their lives in crashes across the country and many more were injured throughout this Christmas and New Year break.

These provisional figures are an increase from the 11 deaths over the 2020/21 period.

Whānau and friends who lost loved ones in crashes should have been able to enjoy this holiday period with them, not planning their tangi or funeral, Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien says.

"The impact on whānau, friends and communities cannot be measured when someone is killed in a road crash.

"It’s also incredibly frustrating for Police to see people losing their lives in completely preventable incidents.

"We will continue to have a visible presence on our roads this summer, taking enforcement action where necessary.

"But ultimately it is drivers who have the responsibility to keep themselves, their passengers and other road users safe.

"We need you to do your part too."

Bruce is asking people to watch their speed and following distances, pay attention to the conditions, stop and take a break if you’re feeling tired.

He is urging people not to drink or take drugs and drive, wear a seatbelt, put your phone away and allow plenty of time to get where you are going- especially if you are travelling on roads you don’t know.

"While the official holiday period is over, there will still be a lot of traffic on our roads around the country over summer, making it even more important for all drivers to remain focused and make the right decisions to keep the roads safe for everyone.

"We don't want to see any more families impacted by tragedy this summer and we need all road users to play their part in getting everyone home safely."

The 2021/22 holiday road period ran from 4pm December 24, 2021, to 6am January 5, 2022.

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Sad but not bad.

Posted on 05-01-2022 21:11 | By

Considering the number of people travelling on the roads, this is not a bad result, although very sad for those involved. The Police really need to start realising that accidents and deaths will always occur in life. Their so called safety campaigns are nothing more that revenue generators. The number of people killed on the roads this Christmas is 10 fewer than those killed in the water!!! May be the Police need to shift their focus and give the drivers a break!!


Posted on 05-01-2022 13:18 | By R1Squid

People do not make mistakes when driving - they make bad decisions. I witnessed many making bad decisions on the road last Sunday.