Police seize $1m of meth in Mongrel Mob bust

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Police have recovered methamphetamine with an estimated street value of about $1 million after executing search warrants in Wairoa.

Eastern District Police investigators have executed a number of search warrants that involved members of the Mongrel Mob Mongrelism chapter, who are based in Wairoa. 

As a result two senior patched members have been arrested on charges relating to the supply of methamphetamine, says a statement from Police.

During the operation Police recovered approximately one kilogram of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of about $1 million, says the statement.

These arrests also come after recent gang violence in Wairoa which led to the arrest of a Mongrel Mob Aotearoa patched member for the stabbing of a rival gang member at the Z Energy forecourt on December 23.

Police have also been involved in the investigation of another two shootings at gang addresses on December 23 and 24.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Moorhouse of the Tairawhiti Criminal Investigation Branch says it’s believed the seized methamphetamine was destined for the community of Wairoa.

Police are very pleased to prevent such a large amount of the drug from hitting the street, he says..

“Wairoa as a community has clearly suffered from the impact of gang violence and the distribution of this highly addictive drug,” says Moorhouse.

“Police remain committed to preventing any violence and closing down the distribution of any illegal drug that causes harm to the community.”

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Posted on 03-01-2022 13:24 | By

Go NZ Police. Great job. Happy new year you mob of mongrels. HAHAHA


Posted on 02-01-2022 22:01 | By

Are these the same people that the government is liaising with to roll out vaccinations?

Go easy

Posted on 01-01-2022 18:21 | By First Responder

The Government funded a $2.75 million P addition program. Why are the Police interfering? Well its time to get tough. Jacinda supports gangs. She needs to go. Gun violence has exculated dispite gun laws. The head of police is soft. If you want to wear gang insignia, it should be automatic forfeit of gun license, and the gun handed in proir to release of the culprit. Wake up NZ. You have the right to live in a country, free of gun crime. Demand it now, before we become another country ruled by gangsters


Posted on 01-01-2022 17:15 | By Pcsparks

Oh wow How does that happen I thought the gangs portrayed themselves as model citizens


Posted on 01-01-2022 16:58 | By

There needs to be some changes to the laws around gang membership and the discovery of illegal drugs on premises where they are attending. Whether or not they admit possession of the illegal substances, if they are on the property as a known member of a criminal organisation they should be prosecuted for possession and/or possession for supply. We’re all getting frustrated with the lack of progress towards prosecution because of stonewalling activities from gang members and associates. Guilty though association should be the centre of a review of actions towards eliminating gang activities.