Council administration building lease signed

The new building will be constructed on the former Pop Up Park site on Devonport Road. Image: Google Maps.

Tauranga City Council and Willis Bond have finalised lease arrangements for a new council administration building to be constructed at 90 Devonport Road.

Expected to be completed by late-2024, the 10,000 sq.m. building will house all of the council’s administration staff under one roof, for the first time since 2014.

The aim of the development is to create significant efficiency savings and make it easier for community members to access the services they need.

Commission chair Anne Tolley says the new council headquarters will activate a different part of the CBD and add to the positive momentum generated by the planned civic precinct developments, which will get underway with the construction of a new library and community hub on the corner of Willow and Wharf Streets in late-2022.

She says both parties to the lease have reached an agreement which allows them to minimise the impact of escalating construction costs, while still delivering high-quality, sustainable outcomes.

“We want to show leadership in our sector and make a real contribution to reducing carbon-induced climate change through this project. We have some defined sustainability targets for this building and we’re looking forward to finalising those in the new year.”

Willis Bond Managing Director Mark McGuinness says the company is “delighted to partner with Tauranga City Council to help reposition their team in the heart of the CBD, and utilise a forward-thinking and responsible approach to design and construction”.

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Thinking Beyond the Square....

Posted on 27-12-2021 08:33 | By bigted

Why does the admin building have to be in the CBD? Locate it in a ’industrial’ place that has plenty of parking for all including staff (the new building will have few staff carparks and even less public ones). With this plan, council will continue to lease carparks in the CBD. Furthermore, there could be a great lease opportunity in Durham St as Trustpower (now Mercury) relocates to Auckland.

@R. Bell.

Posted on 26-12-2021 13:41 | By morepork

We don’t need a referendum on EVERY project and I never suggested that. When "non-essential" (not roads, drains, etc.) projects costing hundreds of millions are considered we SHOULD have a referendum. Alternatively, let the Community vote ONCE a year on say, 5 priorities. (The museum could be one of them...) There is disillusionment and distress at the way our money is mismanaged and wasted, and people feel powerless because they are NOT listened to and they have NO say in it. Administration should be seeking more engagement with the Community; it doesn’t HAVE to be the way it is. Time and again we see a farcical charade where "feedback" is sought, and then simply ignored, if it doesn’t suit the "party line". We are seeing a tribal culture (The Boss calls the shots) replacing a democratic one, which is being dismantled secretly. He Puapua has to be stopped.


Posted on 26-12-2021 08:55 | By R. Bell

Consistent complaining is a treatable problem. The same people week in week out. Inner city development is an essential element for all modern cities. It draws visitors and locals alike, they spend money businesses thrive, Instead of decay we get progress and no it has never been perfect but it is far better than the current situation. There is help available for anyone experiencing genuine hardship, once again not perfect but available. Rude and obnoxious is a perfect summary of the continual criticism of the administrators of this city. If you can’t take it, don’t give it.

Those who promote these intentions....

Posted on 24-12-2021 19:59 | By groutby

..must be very fortunate to have deep pockets to soak up the continual unnecessary expenses our representatives present to us. Clearly any negotiation between those actually paying and those pursuing a new building is simply not going to happen is it. It used to be by stealth, now it’s by force...(’cos we can!)....right? "The aim of the development is to create significant efficiency savings and make it easier for community members to access the services they need."....’ya jokin’ mate!....same staff, same policies and procedures...same incompetance...very expensive payouts recently totalling over $70 million..(70 million!) ...potentially more to come...and say we need a ’nice to have’ bloody museum is insane!.One day, maybe when the finances are sorted and we have a listening council working for the people, then yes let’s do it...for now, well who knows, we don’t seem to be getting an option in any direction :(


Posted on 24-12-2021 18:01 | By

. . . should seek the services of a health professional. What a rude and obnoxious comment to make. How do you think those that truly need help will feel after reading that comment. Let’s hope that those that are struggling to seek help still do. Have a happy and safe Christmas.


Posted on 24-12-2021 12:23 | By R. Bell

constantly complaining should seek the services of a health professional. Expecting a "vote" on every decision by duly elected or appointed representatives is delusional and more importantly unworkable. T.C.C. needs a new property to administer the needs of New Zealand’s fastest growing city. Needless to say every dynamic city has a museum to help the education of all, and add to the attractions city centers need. Only the selfish would oppose such development.

They have to lease

Posted on 24-12-2021 12:01 | By Johnney

Council have blown $Millions of our rates over Bella Vista, Cayman Apartments, Grand Pacific Apartments, Harrington St car park and probably several more payouts undisclosed.


Posted on 24-12-2021 11:24 | By Kancho

I believe the figures are from 2019 but states ". Collectively, the six groups have 34 teams and 663 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees" I suspect ever growing and sub contractors and temps ? Some very highly paid people hiding away too.

'Showing leadership.'

Posted on 24-12-2021 11:09 | By morepork

It becomes Dictatorship when there is no attempt to allow the people of Tauranga a vote on these very costly projects, and when the results of a previous recent Referendum (about the museum) are simply ignored. I’m not saying we don’t need a new Civic Administration; I’m saying that "leadership" means "listening" and assessing priorities.