Man arrested after Tauranga firearms incident

Armed police responded to the call on Thursday. Photos: Cameron Avery.

A man is due to appear in court following an armed police callout in Tauranga.

Police responded to an incident at Oropi Road in Tauranga in which a firearm had been presented around 9.30pm, says a police spokesperson.

“No injuries were reported.

“A man with an air rifle was arrested and will appear in Tauranga District Court today on charges relating to the incident.”




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What a clown

Posted on 24-12-2021 13:04 | By

How i see it with these moden air rifles i belive you should have to have a rifeams licence because they have alot more power these days that they can kill a posum etc

Modern air rifles...

Posted on 24-12-2021 11:14 | By morepork

... are a far cry from the "BB guns" of my generation. Anyone who picks up a gun of any description (outside of approved sporting use) should think to themselves: "I’m picking up trouble. This will not end well." Enforcing your will at gun point changes no minds and therefore changes no situations. It is a temporary band aid that lets you think you have prevailed, but, in fact, solves absolutely nothing, long term.