New signalised pedestrian crossing on Fraser St

The new crossing on Fraser Street. Photo: Mat Nash/SunLive.

A new signalised pedestrian crossing is now operational on Fraser Street

The crossing has been on local’s wish-list and will create a safe area for school children, bus users, pedestrians, the elderly and cyclists to cross Fraser Street, says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

The crossing had been the subject of a longstanding campaign by residents at the eastern end of both Chadwick Road and Fraser Street.

Located at number 571 and 586 Fraser Street near the Chadwick Road roundabout, the crossing will make it easier for local residents to walk to Greerton Village and visit local businesses.

Local Lynette Hines is very pleased to see council taking residents’ calls to heart in building the safe crossing.

"This is making life so much easier for our residents, and will encourage people who normally wouldn’t have made it to Greerton village to venture out again," says Lynette.

Greerton Mainstreet manager Sally Benning shares a positive take on the new pedestrian crossing.

"It’s great to encourage older residents to continue to take part in the community and for us to be able to welcome more visitors at Greerton Village."

Besides supporting the movements of older residents, the crossing will help local school children make their way to school safely when walking, cycling or scootering.

The new signals will operate on request only and stop traffic for 20 seconds at a time.

Facilitating safe travel for pedestrians is part of Tauranga City Council’s strategy to support multi-model travel and meets their objective of prioritising safety for people.

Read more about Tauranga City Council’s long-term transport strategy at

There is also another pedestrian crossing under construction on Cameron Road near Green Park School which will be completed next year before the end of the school holidays.

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Wrong Place

Posted on 23-12-2021 22:38 | By

Why was this not put down by Pemberton Park. Would make a lot more unnecessary sense. Where are the stats that make this feasible?

@ Kancho

Posted on 23-12-2021 20:38 | By The Caveman

You are spot on - they want all the 65+ residents on BIKES !! They are using the so called road "improvements" to bring the real road traffic to a CRAWL !!

By the roundabout again.

Posted on 23-12-2021 15:12 | By Kancho

Close to roundabout intersection. Seems Greerton was such a success at stopping traffic in all directions snarling up traffic . Greerton crossing used to be in the right place but obviously only stopped traffic on one street. Now it stops all at the roundabout so this will have the same required affect . Wait until the further proposed crossings are established, can’t wait . Yea nah