Study launched for multi-use arena for Tauranga

Wharepai Domain, also known as The Domain, will be the focus of the feasibility study and investment plan. File photo/SunLive.

A multi-use arena for the Bay of Plenty is being investigated, with consultants Tuhura Consulting and Visitor Solutions engaged to conduct a feasibility study and investment plan.

The multi-use arena has the potential to be home to all types of events, including cultural, community, business, entertainment and sports events, including large-scale concerts.

Creating a home for major events in the region is being considered as an opportunity to showcase the best parts about the Bay of Plenty.

The study is being undertaken through Priority One (Western Bay of Plenty Economic Development Agency) as the coordinating agency and in collaboration with Tauranga City Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Sport New Zealand.

A charitable trust is expected to be set up to manage the project and take it forward - assuming a viable option is identified through the feasibility study.

“As the region’s population growth is forecast to continue over the next 30 years, this presents an exciting opportunity to cater to the diverse entertainment desires of the community, in a world-class arena,” says Tauranga City Council Commission Chair, Anne Tolley.

While no decisions have been made, a preferred site has been identified in Tauranga through initial site analysis studies.

Wharepai Domain, also known as The Domain, will be the focus of the feasibility study and investment plan.

“Investment in our future generations is critical and we look forward to this project generating excitement in our rangatahi, whānau and wider community,” says Ngāti Ranginui Chair Donna Gardiner.

Tuhara Consulting and Visitor Solutions are already underway speaking with key stakeholders, including those who currently use Wharepai Domain.

Mana whenua and iwi will also be represented on the charitable trust, and a working group that has been set up.

They will also be consulted on this mahi throughout the whole process.

The study is envisaged to take around four months and should be completed by March 31, 2022.



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Posted on 22-12-2021 09:18 | By dumbkof2

probably already decided. just another grandiose scheme hatched up with no public consultation


Posted on 22-12-2021 07:43 | By

Parking won’t be an issue because most attendees will either live in an apartment in the "revitalised city centre" or travel there on the convenient, eco-friendly bus service. Yeah, right.

Boofheads at it again

Posted on 21-12-2021 20:27 | By

We all know that there’s a strong push for a rugby stadium to be built at huge cost. They’ve already tried and failed at Tauranga domain and we’re going to see another push to mistakenly situate it in one of the worst possible places anywhere in town. I’m against another stadium, but if once again it’s foisted upon the unwilling, what is wrong with using the existing ground at Blake Park or the Baypark stadium or the golf club. Wharepai domain is a stupid idea for so many reasons that you’ve got to think that the proponents are not playing with a full deck and are seeing business profits from public largesse again (Pubs, clubs and restaurants are the only beneficiaries)


Posted on 21-12-2021 16:06 | By dumbkof2

baypark is the place for this not in the center of town

It should be Here

Posted on 21-12-2021 12:21 | By Chookymac

At the race course and a covered in Stadium


Posted on 21-12-2021 11:30 | By

And where are all the people who will go to these events going to park? All over the traffic islands and berms as usual, hunting for the smallest of gaps. The roads are not coping now with the volume of traffic. Imagine the chaos at 5pm along Cameron Rd as the hoards of vehicles add to the problem.