Eastern Bay of Plenty road works planned this week

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Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency advises that chipsealing and construction works will continue on the Eastern Bay of Plenty network this coming week in the Rotorua, Whakatāne and Ōpōtiki Districts.

For State Highway 2 in Edgecumbe, repairs between Puriri Crescent and College Road were successfully completed in the westbound direction the week of December 5.

Due to the weather event experienced week of Monday December 13, the eastbound lane will now be completed early in the new year.

State Highway 5, Reporoa

Works to strengthen and rebuild a section of SH5 between Reporoa Road and Wharepapa Road began in October 2021.

The site is now ready for its final chipseal, which will be completed on Monday December 20, to ensure that the road can be reopened for motorists in time for Christmas.

During the sealing work, Stop/Go traffic management will be in place with a 30km/h temporary speed limit.

It is important motorists adhere to the relevant temporary speed limits during these works to avoid damage to their vehicles and ensure their safety and that of other road users and road workers.

For at least 24 hours after the site has been sealed, and before it is swept, it will continue to operate under a reduced temporary speed limit while vehicles travel over the seal and help “bed in” the chip and to reduce the risk of chip damaging windscreens. The site will then be swept, excess chip removed, and the temporary speed limit remains in place until line marking has been reinstated on December 23.

State Highway 35, Houpoto

Works to repair an unstable section of embankment on SH35 at Houpoto, approximately three kilometres west of Maraenui Pa Road began in October 2021.

Teams are working hard to complete the final elements of the retaining structure and reopen the road to two lanes without temporary traffic management in place before Christmas. Crews will continue work through to the 24 December to complete this work.



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Posted on 19-12-2021 22:25 | By

waka kotahi should be liable for any damage vehicles sustain in their hodgepodge roadworks. alright for them to leave a bit of a gap on their "temporary roads" for people to wreck their cars on, unmaintained road cones all over the place forvevery idiot to hit into the road, but foot the bill? naah. we pay gor the roads, we pay for the cars, these goons waste our taxdollars, get off scottfree. wake up, gvts playing you for the sheeple you ate.