Cabin stolen from The Doctors Welcome Bay

The cabin was a Just Cabin mono pitch model, measuring 3.6m x 2.45m, light brown in colour and made from plywood. Photo/Supplied.

The portable cabin used for respiratory and Covid-19 consultations at The Doctors Welcome Bay was stolen last night, along with its contents including IT equipment, PPE, and furniture.

The cabin was a Just Cabin mono pitch model, measuring 3.6m x 2.45m, light brown in colour and made from plywood.

Green Cross Health regional clinical manager for Wendy Dillon, is appealing to the public to report any sightings of the cabin or information about the theft to the police.

“It’s very disappointing to have this happen, particularly at a time when the need for such facilities is only increasing.

“With the summer holidays fast approaching and a potential increase in our population and demand over that time, we would really like to have the cabin and its contents returned.”

To reassure the public, Wendy says there are no concerns about confidentiality breaches as a result of the theft. No information was stored on the stolen IT equipment and no personal records were present.

A new cabin will be installed at The Doctors Welcome Bay site on Monday. Until then, any respiratory patients requiring care will be diverted to The Doctors Tauranga practice on Devonport Road.

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Posted on 18-12-2021 13:04 | By

There is a lot of crap living in Tauranga now, that theft doe’s not serprise me, hope he or them get the bad strain and given no hospital treatment they do not deserve it.


Posted on 18-12-2021 12:43 | By morepork

A really great post that says it all. I share your contempt for the culprit. But it does make me wonder how anyone can come to this...


Posted on 17-12-2021 18:43 | By laugeo

Just when you think you may have seen the lowest thing a person could do, along comes the ’person’ that did this. They are clearly so low that they could readily do a tap dance under a snakes belly while wearing a top hat! On behalf of the low life responsible, I would like to wish the respiratory patients of Welcome Bay a very Merry Christmas and assure them that he will not give them another single thought. Although he would undoubtedly like you to understand that he had a rough upbringing, lacked a decent male role model etc, etc, blah blah blah.