Much-loved Tauranga icon vandalised

Tauranga City Council is calling for someone to help save Humpty Dumpty. Photo: Tauranga City Council.

The much-loved icon of Tauranga’s Memorial Park, Humpty Dumpty, has had a great fall. 

The statue, which has been at the park's playground since 1959, was vandalised earlier this week.

"The statue has been seriously damaged this time round," says Tauranga City Council community services general manager Gareth Wallis.

"It looks like someone has taken a sledgehammer to it. Most of Humpty’s right arm has been reduced to dust, and his head is badly chipped in places as well.

"It’s very disappointing, as all vandalism is. I remember Humpty from when I was a kid myself. We’re not sure it can be repaired, but we’d like to try."

Tauranga City Council is looking for expert craftspeople to help repair the iconic character’s statue.

"We’re looking for a sculptor or concrete worker to repair the damage to Humpty’s arm and body, and for an artist to repaint the statue. If you think you can help, please get in touch with us."

If this sounds like you, please contact Phill Everett on 07 577 7000 by December 24, 2021.

The statue has been made safe until it can be removed from the site.

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What a Proud Moment

Posted on 09-12-2021 15:30 | By

Misfits vandalise a feature in a little kids playground. What a proud moment it must be for them. They must feel so big and tough. Perhaps they might even earn their gang patch out of such behavior. Blatant vandalism of a historic feature. I hope you’re found and dealt with before you move onto real people. What a bunch of numb-nuts.

Catch the perpetrators...

Posted on 09-12-2021 13:29 | By morepork

... then put them in stocks downtown so people can throw produce at them. This is defilement of an icon that is dear to many of us and it must not stand. (Besides, setting up stocks for them might encourage people to come back to the CBD...)


Posted on 09-12-2021 12:06 | By

A vital word missed.... Again.

No excuse for that.

Posted on 09-12-2021 10:12 | By

It’s the most garbage rendition of Humpty ever foisted on park users in 60 years, but wanton destruction has spolit it for kids using the park now. Someone knows who these vandalising cretins are, so dob them in. Shame council can’t have a decent one made to replace him instead of repairing this one. There are plenty of pictures of what he used to look like to work off.