Covid-19: 106 new community cases, 77 in hospital

On Saturday a total of 26,957 vaccinations were administered in New Zealand.

There are 106 new community cases of Covid-19 reported across New Zealand on Sunday.

Of these 93 are in Auckland, three in Northland, eight in Waikato, one in Whanganui, and one in Canterbury. There are no new cases to report in the Bay of Plenty or Lakes DHB regions.

There is a total number of 72 community cases in the Bay of Plenty, of whom two have recovered. In the Lakes region there is a total number of 30 community cases, of whom 19 have recovered.

There are two new cases identified at the border. Both cases are in managed isolation.

There are 77 people in hospital with 14 cases in hospital in Waitemata, 31 in Auckland, 28 in Counties Manukau, three in Waikato and one in Bay of Plenty.  There are seven people in ICU and the average age of hospitalisations is 48.

On Saturday a total of 26,957 vaccinations were administered in New Zealand. This is made up of 5,636 first doses, 13,998 second doses, 253 third primary doses, and 7,070 booster doses.

Two DHBs, Auckland and Capital and Coast DHBs, have now reached the milestone of 90 per cent of their eligible Māori population having had their first vaccination.

This is closely followed by four other DHBs – Waitemata, MidCentral, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa DHBs, all with eligible Māori population vaccination rates at or above 87 per cent for first vaccinations.

“We continue to close in on the 90 per cent vaccination milestone with 88 per cent of the total eligible population nationwide, aged 12 and over, now fully vaccinated,” says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.


COVID-19 vaccine update


Total vaccines administered to date (percentage of eligible people)

7,724,694: 3,923,813 first doses (93%); 3,681,862 second doses (88%); 16,857 third primary doses; 102,162 booster doses

Total vaccines administered yesterday

26,957: 5,636 first doses; 13,998 second doses; 253 third primary doses; 7,070 booster doses

Māori (percentage of eligible people)

480,746 first doses (84%); 407,535 second doses (71%)

Pacific Peoples (percentage of eligible people)

264,977 first doses (92%); second doses 240,947 (84%)

Total first and second vaccines administered to Auckland residents yesterday

1,430 first doses; and 3,912 second doses

My Vaccine Passes issued

141,062 issued yesterday; 3,660,132 issued in total

Vaccination rates by DHB (with active cases)

Northland DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (86%); second doses (79%)

Auckland Metro DHBs (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (95%); second doses (91%)

Waikato DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (92%); second doses (86%)

Bay of Plenty DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (91%); second doses (83%)

Lakes DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (90%)*; second doses (81%)

MidCentral DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (93%); second doses (86%)

Whanganui DHB

First doses (89%); second doses (81%)

Hawke’s Bay DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (92%); second doses (84%)

Nelson-Marlborough DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (93%); second doses (86%)

Canterbury DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (96%); second doses (91%)

Taranaki DHB (percentage of eligible people)

First doses (91%); second doses (84%)


Cases in hospital

77: Waitemata (14); Auckland (31); Counties Manukau (28); Waikato (3); Bay of Plenty (1)

Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region wards only)

Unvaccinated or not eligible (38 cases / 56%); partially immunised

Average age of current hospitalisations


Cases in ICU or HDU

7 (2 in Auckland; 3 in Middlemore, 1 in North Shore; 1 in Waikato)


Seven day rolling average of community cases


Number of new community cases


Number of new cases identified at the border


Location of new community cases*

Northland (3), Auckland (93), Waikato (8), Whanganui (1), Canterbury (1)

Location of community cases (total)

Location of community cases (total): Northland 91 (63 of whom have recovered); Auckland 8,271 (2,387 of whom have recovered); Waikato 508 (250 of whom have recovered); Bay of Plenty 72 (2 of whom recovered); Hawke’s Bay 3; Lakes 30 (19 of whom have recovered); Taranaki 8 (6 of whom have recovered); MidCentral 6 (3 have recovered); Whanganui 1; Wairarapa 3 (all recovered); Wellington 18 (all recovered); Nelson/Marlborough 16 (1 recovered); Canterbury 10 (5 of whom have recovered);

Number of community cases (total)

9037 (in current community outbreak)

Confirmed cases (total)


Historical cases

207 out of 10,021 cases since 1 January

Cases infectious in the community

54 cases reported yesterday have exposure events

Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infectious

49 cases reported yesterday have no exposure events

Cases epidemiologically linked

39 of today’s new cases

Cases to be epidemiologically linked

67 of today’s new cases

Cases epidemiologically linked (total)

6,694 (810 unlinked in the last 14 days)



Number of active contacts being managed (total):


Percentage who have received an outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements)


Percentage who have returned at least one result



Number of tests (total)


Number of tests total (last 24 hours)


Tests processed in Auckland (last 24 hours)


Tests rolling average (last 7 days)


Testing centres in Auckland




Wastewater detections

No unexpected detections



Registered users (total)


Poster scans (total)


Manual diary entries (total)


Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday


*Rounding up

New cases identified at the border

Arrival date



Positive test day/reason

Managed isolation/quarantine location

2 December


United Arab Emirates

Day 1 / routine



2 December*




United Arab Emirates


Day 1 / routine



*a historical case

Today’s cases

Today, we are reporting new community cases in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Whanganui and Canterbury.

Regional updates

"We’re continuing to ask anyone in New Zealand with symptoms – no matter how mild – to get tested, even if you’re vaccinated. Please remain isolated until you return a negative test result," says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

"If you are not vaccinated, now is the time, as vaccination is number one defence against COVID-19. Your DHB or local health provider will have plenty of opportunities to make this happen."

Testing and vaccination centre locations nationwide can be found on the Healthpoint website.

Northland update

Today the Ministry of Health is reporting three new cases in Northland.


Two are close contacts of previously reported cases, based in Kaitaia, and have already been isolating.


The third case is an essential worker, based in Whangarei, who regularly travels to Auckland for work. This person’s result was picked up through routine surveillance testing.


Testing and vaccination sites open in Northland can be found on the Northland DHB website.

Auckland Update

Today, there are 93 new cases being reported in Auckland.

Health staff are now supporting 3,628 people to isolate at home, including 857 cases.

Health staff continue to assess the locations of cases on a daily basis to ensure there’s good testing and vaccination centre coverage.

Waikato update

"Today we are reporting eight new cases in Waikato - two in Hamilton, two in Te Kūiti, three in Piopio (near Te Kūiti) and one in Huntly," says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

Seven of the cases have been linked to previous cases and the eighth case is under investigation.

There are five testing sites operating across the region today in Hamilton, Te Kūiti, Taumarunui and Ōtorohanga.

Health staff are now supporting 107 cases to isolate at home.

Whanganui update

Today the Ministry of Health is reporting a new case in Whanganui.

Public health staff are continuing to investigate but it appears the case recently travelled out of the city and is likely to have links to previously reported cases outside the region.

The person became symptomatic on Thursday and was tested on Friday before receiving their result yesterday.

Since the test, the person has been isolating in a dedicated community facility.

As investigations continue, a number of locations of interest have today been identified. Two have already been published today and more are expected this afternoon on the Ministry’s webpage.

Whanganui DHB’s testing site on hospital grounds, is open for an extended period today, until 3pm. You do not need an appointment.

For all the up to date testing and vaccination sites, please visit the Healthpoint website.


There are two new cases to report in Canterbury today and one case reported yesterday which has today been formally added to the NZ case tally.

"Yesterday’s case has been clearly linked to other cases in the Nelson-Tasman area. Canterbury DHB report that as soon as the person in Canterbury learned of their contact the person got a test and had been isolating at home since that time," says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

"The person’s prompt actions have reduced the chances of further spread and underline the importance of getting a test immediately if you have been to a location of interest, are identified as a contact or possible contact of a case, or if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms."

The two latest cases, one of whom is a young child from the same household as yesterday’s case and the other is a close contact of yesterday’s case. All three were transferred to an MIQ facility yesterday. Work on tracing close contacts of these three cases is ongoing.

The latest two cases were notified after the Ministry’s 9am reporting cut off and will be added to the case tally tomorrow.

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