Bridges provides update on son’s injury

Simon with his wife Natalie and children, Harry, Emlyn and Jemima. Supplied photo.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges is thanking Tauranga and Starship hospital staff for “doing all they can” for his youngest son following a bad accident.

The National Party MP was due to front with party leader Christopher Luxon at The Fresh Market in Gate Pa on Thursday, but was unable to attend as he was in hospital with his son Harry.

During the stand-up, in which Bridges was named spokesperson for the National Party, Luxon told media about the last minute change.

"I was supposed to be here with my good friend Simon Bridges,” Luxon said on Thursday.

“But I want to tell you what's happened in the last hour, one of his sons has had an accident at school and now he's in hospital. So Simon texted me 20 minutes ago to say that he can't be with us and I've told him, mate, please just stay with your family."

Later in the evening, Bridges took to social media to provide an update on his son.

“My son Harry had a bad accident with a swing at school,” Bridges wrote.

“Natalie and I want to thank all the amazing staff at Tauranga and Starship hospitals for all they are doing.

“While it is serious, Harry should be ok. We are also very grateful for all the kind messages and prayers.”

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Hopes for a speedy recovery.

Posted on 03-12-2021 13:46 | By morepork

I’m surprised they still allow swings at school... OSH and PC have become rampant and many of the things we did as kids are now banned (tree-climbing, sliding/rolling down hills, etc.). Skinned knees and cuts and bruises are a normal (and some would argue, healthy) part of childhood, but poor Harry seems to be serious. Hope he is back on his feet ASAP.