Work on Western Avenue upgrade begins

Image: Google Maps.

Ōmokoroa’s Western Avenue (Ōmokoroa Road to north of Gane Place) is set to get upgraded to a new urban look.

Contractors J Swap will this week begin to transform Western Avenue from rural road to urbanised road to cater for increasing growth in Ōmokoroa.

The programme of work for Western Avenue includes widening and upgrading the existing road to 10 metres, new streetlights, kerbing, parking on the Ōmokoroa Sports Pavilion side, various walking and cycling paths, landscaping, and remarking of the existing carpark in front of the Sports Pavilion ground.

“You can expect to see a lot of activity happening on Western Avenue for the next four to five months. Contractors will start with the angle parking on the sports pavilion side first and plan to have this complete in time for Christmas,” says Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s engineering and special projects manager Raj Sumeran.

There will be disruptions to cars, foot and cycling traffic while the works take place.

“Our thanks to the Ōmokoroa community for their patience so far - it’s been a big year and a lot of progress has been made on projects around the peninsula.

“Roading and construction projects will be the norm for the next few years, but it will be worth it to make Ōmokoroa an easy and safe place to navigate.”

The Western Avenue upgrade works are expected to be finished by May 2022.

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Fix the roads

Posted on 02-12-2021 19:18 | By

As usual, all the money goes to Omokoroa community and not the SH2. Its pretty obvious there must be some pretty influential lobbying going on out there, first you destroy a pristine area that was Omokoroa by overpopulation before schools and shops were built and created God forsaken road blocks from there to Tauranga because everyone who lives their either works in Tga, Mt Maunganui or Tauriko. Time for you to vote to get this Council out and get the Councillor’s in who actually care about roading for all, not just Omokoroa, shamefu


Posted on 02-12-2021 14:08 | By

A highway roundabout into Omokoroa SHOULD BE" the first Choice, don’t the ratepayers get a say, A highway roundabout Into Omokoroa Has to come first


Posted on 02-12-2021 13:08 | By Justin T.

Cameltoekid, the road-works down Omokoroa road has to be done.... get over it! As for SH2 intersection, I agree it is dangerous! And if we all complained about it I can tell you now that 80% would be hypocrites. I drive the rush-hour to Tauranga and back 5 days a week and guarantee 80% disobey the stop sign. That makes them part of the problem. The are no excuses for breaking a basic rule! Watch how many lemmings leap out on your next run and you will see. And how many Giveway signs are there between Omokoroa Road and TePuna BP Station..... None!


Posted on 02-12-2021 10:21 | By

And a pity they could not finish 50 metres of concrete footpath at the cycle bridge over the railway line before starting something else!


Posted on 02-12-2021 10:18 | By

Reduce the speed limit from the Challenge servo to Youngsons Road to 50 klms,both directions, put in some traffic islands and a roundabout as suggested. Temporary fix but will work better then the present “Kamikaze” intersection.

@ TheCameltoeKid

Posted on 01-12-2021 22:51 | By The Caveman

Could NOT have put it better myself - the SH2 entry to Omokoroa is a TOTAL disgrace and has been for 20 years!! AND - I am sorry for the locals, but there will be another 10 plus deaths before anything is done about. The simple and quick answer is a roundabout - and NOT one of the NZTA $5 million spends. A bit of road paint, some speed signs, and a few BIG concrete blocks in a circle ON the SH2 EXISTING ROAD will fix the problem in the short term.

Omokoroa has been ruined

Posted on 01-12-2021 16:50 | By TheCameltoeKid

Congratulations to the Western Bay Council, yourve absolutely ruined Omokoroa! It’s a crime what they’ve done. The road and infrastructure should’ve been upgraded before any development was allowed to take place. The intersection with State Highway 2 is a death trap. Now we have to wait at least another 18 months before the Omokoroa Road along with their stupid roundabouts are finished. With only one lane open at a time traffic is banked up to the fist Roundabout and back past the Supermarket. All in the name of Webbers insatiable quest for the mighty Rates dollar. All of the extra residents combined with that trucking companyits only a matter of time before the next serious accident happens at the intersection and the blood will be on WBOPDC’s hands. Shame on them!