Heavy traffic as police monitor protest

Traffic has been heavier than usual heading to the Mount from Tauranga.

Motorists in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui are in heavier traffic than usual today due to protestors at Tauranga Bridge Marina.

One caller to the 0800 SunLive number says traffic has been backed up from Hewletts Road, heading into the Mount, from Eleventh Ave.

He says around 100 protestors have been at the side of the road and that has been holding up traffic.

Police say they are aware of the protest taking place in Tauranga today.

“Police are monitoring the protest and will respond to any issues should they arise,” says a police spokesperson.

The protest appears to be related to vaccination mandates.

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Rapid antigen test for all is the real answer

Posted on 19-11-2021 19:24 | By

Unlike the protestations of the vaxxed they can catch and transmit the virus, its a fact guys. The only real answer is rapid antigen testing, well if the govt had a brain. If Sunlive actually allows contrary comments.

Wow just wow,

Posted on 19-11-2021 09:17 | By R. Bell

the hypocrisy of some commenters is stunning. Major Oranje, Slim Shady and Info Warrior all commit the ultimate crime of deliberate MIS -information. We are not ruled by a gang, but by a landslide elected liberal, democratic government. Vaccination is the only means of protection we currently possess. There is no tyranny, those of us ( the vast majority) who choose vaccination do so because we know there is no better alternative. We are not directed by government or some vague "globalist directive" conspiracy, so please don’t equate the common sense of the majority to the rank stupidity of the so called "freedom" fighters because the latter are in a tiny minority, a minority shown worldwide to be totally in disregard for the health and wellbeing of society in general. Do the right thing, put your pride aside and get vaccinated and wear a mask.


Posted on 18-11-2021 20:03 | By

Hewletts and most of Tauranga in general is always over congested and jammed up anyway. stop blaming people that want you to have your freedom of choice and blame the one taking our freedoms away. blame govt and useless infrastructure contractors for not getting things done, making any roadwork ridiculously drawn out for $$. if there werent 30km zones everywhere, if people knew how to drive like just steer no foot you wouldnt need to use your brakes in r"ush hour". all parties need to agree to something for it to be an acknowledged. if they want u to wear a mask, they cant force you if u disagree the notion.

3 further words...

Posted on 18-11-2021 19:54 | By

Divide and conqour

IQ Points Reach New Lows

Posted on 16-11-2021 22:04 | By InfoWarrior

To the abusive and defamatory accusers spouting off below, please note I was at the protest in support of those who have been cruelly kicked to the curb by our parliamentary system who are acting under international globalist directive. Traffic was flowing as per normal. People only stopped to read because there was a red traffic light preventing their movement forward. There were over 100 signs so impossible to stop and read anyway while in moving traffic. There were no disruptions caused by the attendees. I was there for 45 minutes before I had to leave to go to work. The majority carried on because they no longer had a place of work to go to. Critics - just three words to you right now. Do unto others ... you fill in the rest.

Yesterday’s heros

Posted on 16-11-2021 19:20 | By

Yesterday we praised our teachers and medical hero’s for what they do for our society. Then they make a personal health choice which makes them loose their jobs. Our freedom meant something to my grandfather who would be appalled that we so readily handed them away. Freedom to make a choice for your own health reasons. Freedom to stand on the side of the road for something they believe in.


Posted on 16-11-2021 17:08 | By

New Zealand’s gang mentality is really sad. It’s even sadder when you have a Government that creates a whole new gang and encourages the pile on. Gangs are for the weak. Do people really think that creating such division and the ’us and them’ mentality will make any difference to the spread of the virus? Enforced vaccination of a very small number or forcing a small number people out of their job will make no difference to the virus and causes only harm to everyone in the end. The Government is just masking it’s incompetence and woeful health system, so it has created a gang. Sad.

Monitor ?

Posted on 16-11-2021 16:53 | By FRANKS

I assume this is a new word meaning.....DO NOTHING AGAIN !!!~!!!!!!!

Tyranny loves obedience

Posted on 16-11-2021 16:50 | By

Look at these’ve suffered lockdowns for nearly 2 years, travel restrictions, mafk mandates and you all meekly complied like obedient lap dogs. Here’s a can not comply your way out of tyranny. All you triple vaxxed mask wearing lockdown were promised freedoms to be returned months ago. How’s it working out so far?


Posted on 16-11-2021 15:55 | By

The only morons are people who think standing at the side of a road with a placard causes traffic jams.

I wonder...

Posted on 16-11-2021 12:34 | By

How many of these idiots regret not getting the vaccine once they catch COVID-19? I hope the unvaccinated don’t start calling for lockdowns WHEN COVID-19 runs wild throughout our region? Just get vaccinated and move on!!

Arrest these losers

Posted on 16-11-2021 11:44 | By 2up

Why should I be held up to work and have my health Jeopardized by these fools? Remove them now!

Good on them

Posted on 16-11-2021 11:39 | By

Standing on the side of the road is legal last time I looked is it not ? So what are police monitoring if its the normal traffic that is driving slowly looking at the people who have lost there jobs.

Against It, But . . .

Posted on 16-11-2021 11:27 | By

It’s a peaceful well behaved protest that they’re rightfully entitled to do. The hold up is the idiot motorists wanting to read all the signs. Scares the #### out of you when the car behind you starts tooting a long blast in support or worse still a bloody great truck air horn. It’s supposed to be a reasonable warning device. We’ve all tooted our tooters at all sorts but in heavy express/motorway traffic is stupidity and could easily result in an accident. Brain up people.


Posted on 16-11-2021 11:10 | By Kancho

If in the side of the road then why traffic chaos? If on the road impeding traffic then arrest them. Are they in further breech of masks etc. ? love to see high pressure hoses when they don’t obey police directives . Throw in some soap a d wash them away. Seems no one has work again today, we must be paying them not to


Posted on 16-11-2021 11:08 | By dumbkof2

getting totally sick of all these moronic protesters disrupting everything. wonder how many of these people are getting a govt handout. police should move in and arrest the b----y lot of them

Morning Traffic

Posted on 16-11-2021 10:57 | By Local Too

I think you would find that the traffic is always the same in the morning, nothing out of the ordinary. Protestors standing on the side of road wouldn’t be causing the traffic issue. Will you print the reply, lets see.