Protest on Cameron Rd against vaccine mandates

Protestors have gathered at the corner of Cameron Road and Elizabeth Street. Photos. TCC.

A group of protestors have gathered in central Tauranga today.

The event was organised through Facebook to protest vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

Around 100 people have been reported to be at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Cameron Road, outside the ANZ building.

Police say they are aware of the gathering, which began at around 10am this morning, and are monitoring the situation.

“Police will work with our community partners to address any issues should they arise,” says a police spokesperson.

The event coincides with a large protest in Wellington and on Facebook was promoted as a way to support the action in the capital.

Parliament is on high security as thousands march through central Wellington for an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination protest.

Thousands of people have gathered at Civic Square, in Wellington, for an anti-lockdown and anti vaccination protest this morning.

The group intends to march to Parliament for what they are describing as a "freedom protest".

Significant disruptions to the bus services in the capital are expected as buses detour away from the CBD to avoid the protest.

Meanwhile in Auckland, a police officer was bitten by a protester at the northern boundary as a group blocked traffic for more than an hour.

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Posted on 12-11-2021 13:28 | By morepork

Thanks for your comment. I believe this forum is an important part of free speech and expression in Tauranga and I have supported it over a number of years. SunLive, of course, have a right to mediate the posts and they generally do so pretty fairly. However, I had a post where I criticized some of the stupidity regarding Ratepayer funded blessings for buildings, censored. That’s OK, but it made me think about the time I was spending here and not knowing whether submitted posts were accepted or not. I think a standard boilerplate response by email if a post is considered unacceptable, would be very helpful. As a result, I have reviewed the time I budget for this forum and it has been cut. I will still make the odd comment, but it will not be as frequent as previously. (Sighs of relief from some people, I think...:-))


Posted on 11-11-2021 15:38 | By

Welcome back mate! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hopefully your preparing for your run as Mayor :-) Hey, well said. It REALLY irks me seeing kids dragged into protests when they know nothing of why they are there. Great question to him. Especially sad to see kids at these protests, their parents have chosen possible death over vaccination but don’t put your kids at risk at what could potentially be a super spreader event. The biggest idiot was the kids Dad.

Kids too?

Posted on 10-11-2021 16:56 | By morepork

I was stopped at the lights there and a 10 year old pushed a placard at me. "Fight for Freedom". I gently asked him: "Exactly what freedoms are you fighting for?" He looked at me blankly but it was obvious he had no idea what it was about and it was just a day off school, as far as he was concerned... I said: "You’re an idiot..." and would have stayed to expand the argument with his father who came running up, but the lights changed... Adults have a choice (in what’s left of our Democracy), but pulling your kids in as well, is really bad parenting in my opinion. The Freedoms the protesters claim not to have, is what allows them to stand on a corner, instead of contributing to the Community at work or school. Fortunately, none of them have seen a real Police-State...


Posted on 10-11-2021 06:21 | By

Well actually you don’t have the right to refuse treatment because you are not in charge of anything. You are just a sheep. The reality is that there are very few people who don’t have their life subsidised in some way by others. It’s amazing how many little Hitlers come out of the woodwork thinking they can decide who gets what when they themselves are net takers from society.

we should do the same

Posted on 10-11-2021 05:42 | By dave4u

Singapore to bill unvaccinated COVID-19 patients as fresh infections surge across island


Posted on 09-11-2021 20:28 | By

Well said mate. I see Singapore are stopping free treatment for unvaccinated people who catch COVID-19. Maybe our Government should take a leaf and charge the unvaccinated for treatment if they catch COVID-19. They are soft though and won’t!!!


Posted on 09-11-2021 16:29 | By rogue

i see more selfish protesters can afford to take a day of work to complain. personally i can’t afford a day of work. To them I say....NO JAB, NO STATE FUNDED HEALTHCARE. Perhaps we could also say... NO JAB, NO DOLE.


Posted on 09-11-2021 16:27 | By dumbkof2

they have the right to protest same as we have the right to refuse any treatment if they get civid