Western Bay Council to conduct alcohol review

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Should alcohol stores close at 9pm, not 10pm, across the Western Bay? Should there be a limit on the number of bottle stores across the Te Puke-Maketu area?

That’s two of the questions Western Bay of Plenty District Council is asking as part of its Local Alcohol Policy and Alcohol Control Bylaw review out for public feedback.

The Policy and Bylaw are two tools Council use to manage alcohol licencing and alcohol use in public places. It’s really important we hear from the community to make sure they reflect the community’s views.

Three significant changes are proposed

  • Off licence hours reduced with alcohol sales ending at 9pm (not 10pm). Includes alcohol stores, grocery stores and supermarkets for example.
  • No new bottle stores in the Te Puke-Maketu ward
  • Increase the coverage of the ban on alcohol in public places (Alcohol Control Area) in Te Puke to cover the entire urban area, not just the town centre.

Council Senior Policy Analyst Matthew Leighton says the aim of Council’s alcohol rules are to reduce alcohol related harm in our communities.

As part of the review Police, community groups and public health officials have provided feedback and the proposed changes reflect the concerns and recommendations they shared.

“In particular, there was concern raised on the number of bottle stores in the Te Puke-Maketu ward, and how we can reduce alcohol related harm by extending the ban on alcohol in public places to all of urban Te Puke, which is consistent with other towns in the District,” says Matt.

“We’re also asking the community for their ideas on what else we can do to protect our communities and promote safe and responsible alcohol use. These ideas can feed into future community development and safety work.

”There are many ways you can get in touch with us and tell us your thoughts – the simplest is to visit our online community engagement site or getting in touch via one of our library and service centres.”

The policy and bylaw were adopted in 2015 and 2016 respectively and are required for review by legislation.

Council is seeking feedback on these changes and others from 5 November to 6 December. The feedback will inform the final Local Alcohol Policy and Alcohol Control Bylaw presented to Council’s Policy Committee for approval in March 2022.

You can read more about the changes in these documents

If you would like to speak to your submission at a Have Your Say Day in Council Chambers on Tuesday, December 14, please email or phone 07 571 8008 no later than Monday, December 6.

Find out more and have your say on the proposed changes by visiting

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Show us the facts, that's your job

Posted on 11-11-2021 21:08 | By

Before you ask the public for feedback, why not give us some facts so we can make informed decisions Shouldnt that be your purpose to create community cohesion. Tell us how many outlets their are, how far apart are they from each other, what is the number of children and elderly that live near any liquor outlets of these stores, you provide no information to back up your plans and yet you are requesting submissions from the public. Why not give us the facts, yes, we all know alcohol is harmful if used excessively but there are many responsible drinkers out there, why Te Puke and Maketu, are they more occupied by undesirables that you dont wish to mention, what is up with this? While your at it, stop all new liquor stores everywhere in WBOP, aye!!!