Cul de sac trial on Links Ave from November 15

The road is particularly busy in morning rush hour. Photo. John Borren/SunLive.

A five-week trial limiting through-traffic on Links Ave in Mount Maunganui will begin on November 15.

During that period, a temporary cul-de-sac will be in place on Links Avenue, stopping general traffic on the road from travelling to and from town.

Tauranga City Commissioner Anne Tolley says the need to prioritise children’s safety is paramount, but accepts that the trial will meet some opposition.

“We understand this is a big change to how people use Links Avenue and for some users, travel time may increase. We believe those extra minutes will help keep our kids safe and we hope people can agree that is a worthwhile investment.”

Following community feedback on safety concerns, a Council-commissioned safety assessment deemed the road situation on Links Avenue unsafe for young people.

The review identified a cul de sac as a viable option to measurably improve safety, by lowering speed and reducing the volume of traffic by 75 per cent.

The report’s findings were presented to the Council in June, and the Commissioners instructed staff to undertake additional community and stakeholder consultation on the cul de sac solution.

This has been met with varying reactions, leaving council to decide on a way forward.

Anne Tolley says the community deserves a solution.

“We can’t afford to delay action any further. While nothing changes, schoolchildren are at risk every single day. What we’re doing now will test the effect of the cul-de-sac option, both on Links Avenue and on the surrounding road network, so that further discussion on a long-term solution for Links Ave is well-informed.”

The trial means that from November 15:

-A temporary cul-de-sac will be in place on Links Avenue

-There will be no throughfare for general traffic for the duration of the trial, monitored by cameras

-Buses, emergency services and rubbish trucks will not be affected.

During the trial, traffic will be monitored, tracking data for Links Avenue as well as the alternative routes.

Community feedback on the trial will be actively sourced by engagement with relevant stakeholder groups and via an online survey.

A review of the trial in early-December will then inform the Commissioners’ decision on what happens next.

Find out more about the trial on Council's website.

Any questions, concerns or feedback can be directed to Tauranga City Council community engagement advisor Jennifer Pearson at

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 05-11-2021 14:07 | By

Let me guess...Every trial the city ever runs is a "success" yeah?


Posted on 03-11-2021 11:01 | By

A minor victory for one or two over protective parents or those that are unable to teach their children how to cross a road safely. Are we now going to see similar cotton wool wrappings around all of our schools or is it just for the wealthier parts of town...? Maybe Cameron road and Fraser street should be pedestrianised, because there are thousands (not hundreds) of vulnerable children who walk and cycle along those roads and Brookfield should only allow traffic into the area during school holidays perhaps.... Do we have royalty attending that particular school? Because I don’t see any other reason to single them out for special attention.

Exact location please?

Posted on 03-11-2021 08:06 | By waiknot

Will the culdisac be located right near golf Rd?