Totara Street blessing marks start of improvements

Josh Te Kani of Ngai Tukairangi/Ngāti Kuku lead part of this morning’s blessing. Photo: Supplied.

Works begin early next week on a new shared path and cycle way running the length of Totara Street, Mount Maunganui.

Mana whenua from the local area, Ngai Tukarangi and Ngati Kuku, blessed the site and the project this morning.

“Today’s blessing from mana whenua marks the start of significant investment along this stretch of road,” says Tauranga City Council general manager of infrastructure, Nic Johansson.

“Totara Street is one of the main traffic corridors in and out of Mount Maunganui. We want to ensure that it can be used, not only by freight vehicles, but that it’s also safe for locals and visitors to travel here whatever mode of transport they choose.

“We’re seeing increased demand from people who want to walk, bike or scooter as they move around our city. This shared path and cycleway will enable them to do this more safely,” says Nic.

The shared path and cycle way will give separation between vehicles and those using alternative modes of transport.

"The Totara Street safety improvements will provide a much safer route for people on bike,” says Cycle Action Tauranga’s Andrew Thorpe.

“There are many people who would like to use their bikes more but believe Tauranga's roads are just too dangerous. Some studies indicate that 60 per cent of the travelling population feel this way.

“Ensuring that cyclists and pedestrians can travel safely away from heavy traffic can be achieved when we invest in the right infrastructure,” says Andrew.

Totara Street is a gateway that leads to Mauao, a sacred site for mana whenua and a much-loved landmark for locals and visitors in Tauranga Moana.

The safety improvements are due for completion mid-2022.

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Posted on 31-10-2021 12:26 | By dumbkof2

seems everything needs a blessing now. are they getting paid for this

Won’t Work

Posted on 30-10-2021 19:21 | By

Cyclists are incapable of sharing with pedestrians. Just look ar the footpaths on Mount Main Street, the boardwalk on Pilot Bay and the boardwalk on the main beach.


Posted on 29-10-2021 21:41 | By

What an utter waste of money and time.

What the

Posted on 29-10-2021 20:50 | By Local Too

Well that’s totara st stuffed.


Posted on 29-10-2021 19:25 | By

It seems absolutely absurd to me that they are starting these works at this time of year. People visiting The Mount in summer is what keeps local businesses profitable. But the council decide causing massive disruption right through summer is a great idea! I’m sure the people that make the decisions are career politicians who have never worked in the real world.

Please keep the Totara street trees !!!

Posted on 29-10-2021 18:15 | By

Currently Totara street is lined for a great part with beautiful mature trees. These trees are home to a huge swarm of birds landing there daily in the afternoon, staying there till morning. It would be a shame if any of these trees would be cut down for this project. Support cycle and pedestrian lane, but please leave the trees !!