A team effort at Gallery Te Puna

TAG Team artists Emma Bossley, Duane Moyle, Amaria Kee-Huaki and Kalou Koefoed. Photo: John Borren.

A “liquorice allsorts” selection of art has come together for an intimate show at Gallery Te Puna.

The TAG Team exhibition features the creations of seven artists who work together at Tauranga Art Gallery.

Artist Duane Moyle says the group show would never have happened if they didn’t work together, because all of the pieces are so different.

“There’s nothing cohesive about the theme or the works themselves,” says Duane.

“The only linking thing is the diversity.”

Featuring an intricately felted mask, prints, paintings in different styles, ceramic cacti, pop art and wooden serving ware adorned with paint and gold leaf, the show covers a variety of mediums.

“We have a mutual respect for each other, what we do and our various practices,” says Duane.

“So we thought let’s do it, let’s do a group show and bring it all together.”

Fellow exhibitor Emma Bossley says the eclectic show has given them all a target to work towards, which is good for their practice.

It has also meant they support each other and spur each other on.

“It’s a confidence booster, to do this with your peers,” says Emma.

Duane has also enjoyed seeing everyone’s works in person rather than online.

“We’re familiar with each other’s practice, but actually seeing it up close and personal is really exciting.”

All seven artists, of varying ages and experience, have exhibited before.

Kalou Koefoed’s last exhibition opened on the eve of the 2020 lockdown and was mainly online, so she is excited to have a show the public can attend.

"It makes quite a difference being able to show people in real life,” says Kalou.

Duane agrees: “That's the magic of exhibiting.

“It’s fun to make work, but to actually put it on a wall and allow others to come and view it changes your interpretation of what you’re doing.

“It brings a fresh life to the work when you put it in front of other eyes.”

Duane, Emma and Kalou, Amaria Kee-Huaki, Jamie Coxon, Isabelle Mathys and Fiona Wilcock make up TAG Team.

Emma says the show has brought them together outside of work, which they don’t do enough.

“The social side of it has been a bonus,” she says.

The TAG Team group show opens on Sunday and runs until November 21 at Gallery Te Puna, 15E Minden Road.

For more information search tagteam_groupshow on Instagram or visit:


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