Bus network refresh incoming

Changes to the bus network are incoming. File Image. SunLive.

More direct travel and more convenient services are the aims of a refreshed bus network being launched next month.

Following community consultation, the new network will begin on Monday, November 15 for passengers in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Pāpāmoa and Te Puke.

It is hoped the timetable and route changes will make it simpler and more convenient to get around on Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Bayhopper buses.

The changes include all-day direct services between Pāpāmoa and Tauranga city centre with the hope some routes will now be much easier for passengers to understand.

Chairman of the Regional Council Public Transport Committee, Councillor Andrew von Dadelszen, says the main catalyst for these changes is to better serve the community and make public transport use a more attractive option.

“Tauranga continues to be one of the most dependent cities in the world on single occupancy vehicle use and this network refresh provides a great opportunity to get people out of their cars,” he says.

Regional Council Transport & Urban Planning manager James Llewellyn believes there’s a strong appetite for connected communities across the region.

“Convenient and reliable public transport is a key component for a liveable city,” he says.

“By getting on to the new bus services, people can enjoy the social, mental and physical health benefits of multi-modal travel.”

The relaunched network features the introduction of new flagship bus Route 2, between Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa Plaza, Bayfair and Tauranga City.

This frequent service will run every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends and public holidays. 

The City Link and Hospital Link routes will be replaced by new Route 5, which will run every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends and public holidays between Tauranga city centre, Mount Maunganui and Bayfair.

A new Route 20 will run hourly between Te Puke and Bayfair, where there will be connections to Mount Maunganui and Tauranga city centre.

BOPRC state that key benefits of the new Route 2 include travelling directly between Pāpāmoa and Tauranga City without needing to transfer, plus the frequent services and a scenic journey. To serve more members of the community, the bus route will have two different routes at the Pāpāmoa end of the journey; 2B travels via Livingstone Drive and The Boulevard and 2W via Wairakei Avenue and Emerald Shores Drive.

For more information and to view the new maps and timetables, please visit

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At least they're trying...

Posted on 22-10-2021 15:05 | By morepork

I still think the buses should be replaced. These new services will cost more and pollute more, but I hope they have some effect.

Rearrange the deck chairs

Posted on 22-10-2021 13:22 | By Kancho

Well since 2018 the new routes seems didn’t work to well. I used the number one route regularly but after they changed it in 2018 I stopped. Was great to get one bus to the hospital, town and over to the hot pools. Now it’s change buses to get to the hospital and double the time if lucky. This change seems to do nothing for South Tauranga, so guess it’s carry on using the car. Also wondering why concentration to down town as who wants to go there now ? Work on Cameron with stop most going anywhere near the place now unless dire need.

Make bus lanes more useful

Posted on 22-10-2021 13:15 | By Tga Citizen

Why don’t we try to improve the traffic flow by making the bus lanes T2 lanes also? Obviously we need to keep them as bus lanes also as most of the time buses only have a driver so would not qualify for T2.

White Elephants

Posted on 22-10-2021 11:54 | By First Responder

More buses rumbling around? For some unknown reason, you seem to think you are going to get the people of Tauranga, out of their cars, and into buses. You’ve been trying for years, and nothing changes. It won’t change. We’re a city of highly independent people. We like our freedom. We won’t be governed by buses. Take my advice, and reduce the size of your white elephants to a third. Even then, they’ll still be empty.

Not Enough Aim

Posted on 22-10-2021 11:42 | By

The aim should include much smaller, user friendly buses. Mini vans would easily suffice and keep a few buses for school runs and special events.