Low dose Covid vaccines given in BOP

The Ministry of Health says those affected have been contacted.

An incident where low dose Covid-19 vaccines were given in the Bay of Plenty is being looked into by the Ministry of Health.

Covid-19 Vaccination and Immunisation Programme national director Jo Gibbs says six people received a low dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the Bay of Plenty.

Gibbs says there was also an incident where a small number of people received expired vaccines in Wellington.

“Those in the Bay of Plenty who were affected have been contacted and offered vaccination.

“The clinical processes and systems around the administration of the vaccination are being reviewed and the District Health Board (DHB) is working with the provider to strengthen these to prevent an incident like this from happening again.”

Gibbs also reported an incident at a vaccination site in Wellington last week where around 15 people received a Covid-19 vaccination 24 hours after it expired.

"No one has been harmed from receiving the expired doses.”

Gibbs says Capital & Coast District Health Board has contacted the affected people and is encouraging them to get vaccinated again.

“The Ministry apologises for what has happened and reassures the public that such incidents are not common.

“Questions about the Wellington incident to the CCDHB which is working directly with the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) and those affected.”

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Ah, that explains why...

Posted on 20-10-2021 18:06 | By morepork

... I had no reaction to the second jab; I obviously received an expired, weakened dose. Still, as a weakened, soon-to-expire person, I suppose that is quite appropriate.