Live Covid-19 updates for October 12

The woman has been taken into custody by police.

The woman who travelled into Northland with another who tested positive for Covid-19 has been found and was being taken to MIQ.

Police last night found the second woman in West Auckland after a three-day search.

The pair crossed the Auckland border on October 2 and spent three days in Te Tai Tokerau.

The woman who tested positive for Covid-19 in Whangārei had refused to reveal where she travelled and who she came into contact with and as a result Northland went into level 3.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said yesterday testing rates in the region needed to increase.

He urged anyone who was in contact with the positive case and her companion to get tested, whether they are symptomatic or not.

He also urged anyone else in the region who is symptomatic or has visited a location of interest to get tested.

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@Slim Shady

Posted on 12-10-2021 12:23 | By morepork

There is a large amount of speculation in your post. "Vulnerable?" You can’t know that, and even if it were true it does not excuse non-cooperation in this context. Nobody "turned on them". We were always disgusted by their behavior. Kiwis are no more "selfish puppies" than any other Nationality and it is not unreasonable for a population who are tired and stressed out to express their frustration. Trying to hide when you live on an island is really not the smartest thing to do and it has been shown time and again that wanted people WILL be caught. They could have saved everyone a lot of expense and stress if they had simply fessed up at the start.

Team of 5 million

Posted on 12-10-2021 08:28 | By

Yeah right. Just look at how it treats its stranded citizens overseas. Then you have a couple of vulnerable women who may have been forced into the sex trade and being drug mules by gangs. They’re probably scared to death of giving the Police any information for fear of reprisals. Probably scared to death so they hide. But just look at how Kiwis turn on them. Humiliate them. Vilify them. Degrade them. Blame them. Even the PM piles in on National TV. Unbelievable. Kiwis are selfish puppies.


Posted on 12-10-2021 08:02 | By FRANKS

It is time to name the two "citizens" who have caused such havoc (and how many thousands of dollars cost to so many)