Live Covid-19 updates for October 1

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More than 60 patients at Middlemore Hospital are being considered close contacts after two people with the virus turned up at the emergency department.

The two people went to the emergency department on Wednesday for non-Covid reasons and later returned positive results.

One is in an isolation ward at Middlemore Hospital and the other discharged themselves and is being managed by public health officials.

Of the 66 patients considered close contacts, 34 remain in the hospital and have been moved to isolation wards and the others are being followed up for testing.

No Middlemore staff have been required to stand down.

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@ morepork

Posted on 02-10-2021 07:07 | By

You have no clue other than parrot the government lies. The vaccinated now outnumber the unvaccinated in hospitals. Israel and Singapore both have high vaccination rates yet hospitals are taking in the...vaccinated. In many hospitals, the nurses call the "Delta variant", the "vaccinated variant". Facts matter.

It’s Dropped

Posted on 01-10-2021 14:30 | By

I thought I heard a loud clanging noise. It must have been the penny finally dropping.

It has become sadly obvious...

Posted on 01-10-2021 12:52 | By morepork

...that the virus is not being eradicated as we had hoped, despite a huge effort. Our best hope now is vaccination (and it probably was all along...) We should continue tracing and isolating the known clusters, but it if you are not vaccinated or still have reservations about it, please get more information from credible sources and reconsider.