Pedestrian hit by car is seriously injured

File photo. SunLive.

Update, 4.14pm:  A pedestrian with serious injuries has been taken to Tauranga Hospital after being hit by a car on Takitimu Drive.
Police were notified at about 3.40pm of a crash between a car and a pedestrian on Takitimu Drive near the 15th Ave overpass.
"One person was taken to hospital with serious injuries,' says a Police spokesperson.

Earlier, 3.54pm: A SunLive reader has reported that there has been an accident on Takitimu Drive under the 15th Ave Overpass.

"There are three ambulances there as well as the critical care unit,' says the SunLive reader. "Cars are going off the road to get around it."

"There has been a report of a pedestrian hit on Takitimu Drive under the 15th Ave Overpass.," say a Tauranga Traffic Control Centre spokesperson.

It is understand that the road is now blocked with traffic heading towards Bethlehem backed up to Elizabeth Street.

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crossing a busy motorway

Posted on 30-09-2021 10:20 | By

It saddens but does not surprise me. As a user of this road for 15 yrs the number of people I see crossing the 4 lanes to get to or from the Judea Ind Estate from the skate park area by 16th ave was an accident waiting to happen.

Lost Count.

Posted on 30-09-2021 06:20 | By Justin T.

Isn’t this the third person to be bowled-over there since the overpass was built?


Posted on 29-09-2021 16:40 | By

The number of people I see crossing the road at that location is ridiculous. It’s about time high fences were put in place to prevent people from taking chances and putting drivers at risk of serious injury.