Redacted section of commission report made public

Tauranga City Council commission chair Anne Tolley. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

Tauranga City Council commission chair Anne Tolley is calling for a redacted section of the commission’s June quarter report to be made public.

The report was sent to the Minister of Local Government, and then a redacted version was published on the council website.

The redacted section relates to the city’s transition back to democratic representation at the 2022 local government elections.

"It had always been the commission’s intent that the full report would be publicly accessible," says Tolley.

"The paragraph that was removed was information we thought the Minister should be aware of, but it’s also important that the community knows our thinking around any potential obstacle to a return to democratic representation for the city in 2022."

She says she had only been made aware of the redaction late last week and had immediately asked that the decision-making involved be reviewed.

"I understand why the redacted section was considered sensitive, because it relates to individuals who could be identified. However, there is also the public interest to consider and from the commission’s perspective, that has to take precedence."

The redacted content is part of the ‘summary of progress’ section of the report and is reproduced in full below:

"The commission has also been charged with facilitating the city’s transition back to democratic representation at the 2022 local government elections," reads the report.

"This has been raised frequently in our discussions with the community and it is clearly a matter of concern to a wide range of organisations and individuals that some of the former elected members whose actions contributed to dysfunctional and ineffective governance are part of a new organisation which is actively endeavouring to undermine the commission’s role and reduce the scope of the long-term plan work programme.

"To date, the impact of those efforts appears to be limited, but we raise this as a matter the Minister may wish to monitor."

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It Has More To Do With 3 Waters

Posted on 23-09-2021 22:04 | By

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Tolley one of the founders of 3 Waters. If she was then she should not be in the Tauranga City Council due to conflicts of interest.

Gravy Train.

Posted on 21-09-2021 12:54 | By morepork

I’m not surprised Tolley is looking for excuses to extend the stay of her and her cronies. But the worrying thing is that they are fingering people who oppose them. I may not agree with some of the Opposition but I fiercely support their right to Oppose. It seems that the "normal" way for this Government to deal with Opposition, is to suppress it and/or bypass it with deals behind closed doors. It’s as if the whole idea of "Democracy" is to be replaced by Tikanga with the Rangatira deciding what is good for us. It’s a creepy preview of what’s in store with He Puapua...

Whichever way you slice it

Posted on 20-09-2021 17:29 | By

It’s not a democratically elected Council if all but a small group of candidates are open to the scrutiny of all ratepayers. At large councillors of all races, creeds and colour is the only way for true democracy to exist. We’re replacing perceived racism with the real thing.

The residents must be heard

Posted on 20-09-2021 14:17 | By

The hypocrisy of Chair is thus revealed. At no point in her tenure has the Chairwoman represented the interests of the residents of Tauranga; not in the relentless self promotional posters, not in the onerous and ill informed LTP, and not in her pandering acceptance of the false assumptions within the Three Waters proposal and not in her unquestioning protection of the architects of failed projects within Council staff. At every stage she has avoided genuine consultation and analysis, and genuine leadership on behalf of residents. Her latest threat that unless residents endorse her she’ll recommend that she stays is at best self-serving, and at worst part of a more orchestrated plan to steal administration of Tauranga for a political party unelected and unwelcome in the city.

Its not up to you Tolley

Posted on 20-09-2021 12:16 | By

Please if we democratically elect someone its not up to you to block them