Covid-19: 33 new community cases

The Ministry of Health is reporting 33 new Covid community cases today.

All are in Auckland.

There have also been three new border-related cases announced in the Ministry's daily afternoon update.

These numbers come mere hours before Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will front media at 4pm to provide the latest on alert levels around New Zealand.

Today's new cases brings the total number of Covid cases to 955 in this current cluster.

Of those, Auckland 938 (3601 of whom have recovered); Wellington 17 (12 of whom have recovered).

There are currently 21 people in hospital - four in North Shore, seven in Auckland and 10 in Middlemore.

See below for a full breakdown of today's numbers

Number of new community cases 33
Number of new cases identified at the border Three
Location of new cases Auckland
Location of community cases (total) Auckland 938 (3601 of whom have recovered); Wellington 17 (12 of whom have recovered)
Number of community cases (total) 955 (in current community outbreak)
Cases infectious in the community Seven (35%) of yesterday’s 20 cases have exposure events
Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infected 13 (65%) of yesterday’s 20 cases
Cases epidemiologically linked 32 of today’s cases
Cases to be epidemiologically linked One of today’s cases *
Cases epidemiologically linked (total) 928 (in current cluster)  
Number of sub-clusters Eight epidemiologically linked subclusters. The two largest subclusters are the Mangere church group: 381; and Birkdale social network cluster: 76.
There are nine epidemiologically unlinked subclusters.
Cases in hospital 21 (total): North Shore (4); Auckland (7); Middlemore (10)
Cases in ICU or HDU Four
Confirmed cases (total) 3,593 since pandemic began
Historical cases, since 1 Jan 2021 (total) 137 out of 1,775 since 1 Jan 2021 **
Number of contacts identified (total) 38,681
Percentage who have received outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements) 87%
Percentage with at least one test result 92%
Locations of interest  
Locations of interest (total) 126 (as at 10am 13 September)
Number of tests (total) 3,148,945
Number of tests total (last 24 hours) 8,657
Tests rolling average (last 7 days) 12,443
Tests in Auckland (last 24 hours) 4,250
Testing centres in Auckland 22
Wastewater detections No unexpected detections in past 24 hours
COVID-19 vaccine update  
Vaccines administered to date (total) 4,325,490; 1st doses: 2,862,765; 2nd doses: 1,462,725
Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 33,866; 1st doses: 20,490; 2nd doses: 13,376
Mâori 1st doses: 265,875; 2nd doses: 128,017
Pacific Peoples 1st doses: 172,628; 2nd doses: 88,493
NZ COVID-19 tracer  
Registered users (total) 3,209,541
Poster scans (total) 354,094,377
Manual diary entries (total) 16,130,697
Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday 2,200,284

New cases identified at the border

Case 1 arrived from Serbia and Montenegro via United Arab Emirates on September 4. They tested positive on day 7 of their routine testing and are currently in MIQ in Auckland.

Case 2 arrived from India via United Arab Emirates on September 7. They tested positive on day zero of routine testing and are in MIQ in Christchurch.

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Oh dear

Posted on 13-09-2021 18:45 | By

Still going the wrong way. The “short, sharp lockdown” is not working, apart from destroying the economy. The expert modellers have gone into hiding. Whoops. Amazingly the penny still isn’t dropping. The cost of “saving” lives is racking up. Based on the modelling, and the financial loss to the economy, each life “saved” (obviously they’re not really saved), is costing a couple of million dollars apiece. Now imagine if you had cancer and the life “saving” treatment cost the same. You would have no chance of securing that sort of funding. They would write you off in a heartbeat. Send you away with a sorry. It is total bullshit.