Traffic lights now working at Te Maunga

The traffic lights are being affected by the power outage. Photo: TCC.

The traffic lights at the Te Maunga intersection, near Bayfair, are now working.

The lights were out following a power outage in the area this morning.

Just before 11.30am, Tauranga City Council reported the outage.

They said technicians were investigating the issue.

With any situation like this, drivers are being urged to apply Give Way rules whilst the signals are out.

Council reports the lights are now up and running.

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Bayfair traffic jams

Posted on 09-09-2021 09:55 | By

This intersection is the cause of traffic backing up at peak time, as far back as the soccer fields before Bayfair. There are double lanes coming from Bayfair but the right hand lane has an arrow making traffic turn only right towards the stadium. Cars are controlled here by traffic lights coming in from the left so there is no threat of cars coming this way. Why not allow BOTH lanes from Bayfair to access the motorway here. All it would take is for a tiny white arrow going straight ahead to be added to the right turning arrow to allow traffic to go straight onto the TEC in the right lane from Bayfair. I have emailed the woman in charge about this and she says it is not her problem. Adrian Muller