Lockdown protocols see vaccine cards ditched

The cards were no longer being issued to comply with lockdown protocols. Photo: RNZ.

People getting their Covid-19 vaccination shot in Tauranga may be wondering why they are not being issued their purple card.

Prior to Alert Level 4 lockdown, people who received their shot were also issued with a purple vaccination card to showing the details of when and where they received the vaccination.

However, due to Level 4, and now Level 3, protocols, there has been a change in how the Bay of Plenty District Health Board has being doing things.

SunLive contacted the DHB after a member of the public called us wondering why the BOPDHB wasn’t issuing the cards anymore.

Covid-19 incident controller Trevor Richardson says they have implemented a range of measures at their community vaccination centres during Covid-19 Alert Level 4 to ensure they can safely continue rolling out the vaccine to the community.

“The BOPDHB adheres to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines regarding Covid-19 Alert Level 4, which include strict hygiene and physical distancing measures, and infection prevention and control principles.

“To minimise contact between clients and our staff during the vaccination process at Covid-19 Alert Level 4, we have not been issuing clients with the Covid-19 vaccine record card because the card requires staff to individually fill in the details by hand and pass the card to the client.

“The vaccination data is always digitally recorded on the national Covid Immunisation Register, where general practices and primary healthcare providers can access this information through the Ministry of Health.”

Trevor says the minimum printed information required to ensure a safe vaccination process is supplied to clients at all Alert Levels.


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Iron age

Posted on 03-09-2021 19:58 | By

The UK, USA and EU, amongst others, already have digital formats and reciprocal arrangements in place. Covid Passports we’re first mooted a year ago. New Zealand is still drawing on paper. Pathetic. Determined to keep people in the cave.


Posted on 02-09-2021 14:54 | By

They still fill in this information on to a piece of paper which you hand over to the person where you wait for 15 minutes before leaving. However you can get this information on "manage my health app" and fill it in yourself you just need to remember the approximate time you got your shot.

I Got A Different Explanation

Posted on 02-09-2021 14:52 | By

I presented my half completed card when I got my second jab. I was told, “We’ve stopped using them. They’re too easy to forge and anyone can fill them in.” That’s exactly what I thought on receiving it after my first jab.