Record number of Covid-19 vaccinations in BOP

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The Bay of Plenty has seen a record number of people getting their Covid-19 vaccination this week. 

It comes amid a nationwide peak in vaccine uptake as the country grapples with the Delta variant’s current spread in the community and subsequent Alert Level 4 lockdown. 

Across New Zealand, a record number of 87,972 vaccines were administered on Wednesday and that pattern is reflected locally. 

The Bay of Plenty District Health Board reports they broke their record for daily jabs on Monday, August 23, administering 2596 doses. That record was topped on Tuesday, with 3086 vaccinations, whilst Wednesday was just shy of the 3000-mark, with 2949. 

The recent surge in vaccinations has left BOPDHB Covid-19 incident controller Trevor Richardson pleased with the community for their efforts and DHB staff for their hard work.

“Our vaccination programme is expanding at a rapid pace and we would like to thank the Bay of Plenty community for getting in behind this effort and helping to ensure that as a nation we are doing all we can to combat the threat of Covid-19,” says Trevor. 

“The tremendous work of our healthcare workforce and the response of our community has resulted in record numbers of vaccinations being administered across the Bay of Plenty almost every day this week.” 

Trevor also clarifies there is enough vaccine and appointments to go around, despite the current high demand, and that he is pleased to see increasing numbers of the Māori community receiving the jab.   

“We encourage everyone to check with their kaumātua and kuia, parents, aunties and uncles, cousins, and friends and whānau, if they have booked,” he says. 

“Getting the vaccine is one of the ways that we can protect ourselves and our whānau against Covid-19.”

If in doubt about where to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, residents are advised to seek information on the Healthpoint website or to contact their GP, with more vaccination providers set to pop up around the region as the rollout continues to pick up momentum.

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Posted on 30-08-2021 11:33 | By Justin T.

Calous remarks are the only way to describe the dismissive comments about "They are going to die from pre existing conditions". ’Sorry times up’ doesn’t wash when it’s a case of father, mother, grandfather or grandmother, especially when the greatest pre existing condition for the parting this life in the UK is diabetes. Yes a condition that can normally be contained for decades. Other conditions listed that can put you on death row is asthma and obesity. Yes conditions we can all live with ’until’ you add covid. Now that the 45 to 64 age group are dying at almost the same rate as the elderly from those same conditions are you happy to say "sorry son, sorry daughter you were going to pass away anyway?


Posted on 29-08-2021 10:12 | By Justin T.

"They were all going to die from flue and old age." Is a cop-out for those that don’t want to see the reality of the likes of the mass graves and extremely overwhelmed hospitals that occurred only when the Covid19 outbreak initially hit. Logically explain that massive explosion of trauma above and beyond a typical yearly death rate. Smacks of creative accounting on the part of the non believers.


Posted on 28-08-2021 19:35 | By morepork

In order to offer a choice, the whole vaccination program would have had to be delayed even further than it has been. Not good. I understand your reservations about the mRNA approach; it is relatively untried and it is new, but credible controlled tests showed 96% effective and the world was desperate for vaccines. I have had my first shot of it and will be having the second one next month (I requested a 7 week gap and they were very obliging). I agree with you Johnson & Johnson would be good, and it doesn’t need such stringent temperature control, but, for myself, I believe there is enough credibility for mRNA to outweigh the risk. It’s doing well world-wide, I’ve been OK, but YMMV. (PS Read the story of HOW the Pfizer vaccine mRNA approach was developed by a German/Turkish couple who have made vaccines their Life’s work...)

@Slim Shady

Posted on 28-08-2021 19:23 | By morepork

Genuinely sorry to hear about your friend; hope he recovers. The irony is not lost though, and I give you respect for reporting what happened. At the time I said: "Where would you rather be? (UK or NZ)". I stand by it. Whatever our criticisms of Government Policy, deaths are low here and that really is the ONLY important criterion for judging how we are doing.

Hahaha decoys

Posted on 28-08-2021 12:15 | By

Your precious Government didn’t even have the sense to link appointments to vaccine stocks. Due to the panic mongering led by the Government and it’s experts we are running out of doses. So in a week or two people will be getting turned away and told to reschedule appointments. Sent to the back of the queue! So much for age bands. Great planning Cindy. She’ll say we have a strategy next. Sounds clever.


Posted on 28-08-2021 11:35 | By

Obviously. Duh. And in the UK there are up to 1000 to 5000 deaths per week “involving” flu (higher in winter duh) i.e. other underlying conditions and flu is the final nail, like Covid. Plus 200 to 1000 per week directly due to flu. A lot of people die in the UK every day. So what’s your point? I think you have become bedazzled by big numbers and being small minded anything above two digits gets overwhelming.


Posted on 27-08-2021 18:17 | By Justin T.

That’s the UKs death toll.

@ Justin T

Posted on 27-08-2021 17:36 | By

The median age of covid deaths is approx the age of life expectancy for that country. Most are already sick and elderly. Nobody wants them to die but to lockdown the world for a virus that 99.3% of people survive is not right. Let the sick elderly get the care and treatment, but let the rest of us get on with our lives. If I was 75 or whatever, I wouldn’t want my grandchildren locked up because of me. You know how many Kiwis died of flu every year don’t you?

Decoy boy

Posted on 27-08-2021 16:52 | By

Death is not funny but I like how you linked my mate laughing at New Zealand’s hermit mentality to the daily death figures. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you lack the intellectual ability for the argument and take something said in one context, and apply it to another, in this case the number of daily deaths. Shame on you. hahaha. If you cannot handle death you need to grow a pair because it comes to us all. It came to 141 yesterday in the UK ’from Covid’, though as anyone with intelligence knows, most had underlying conditions and died ’with Covid’, not because of it. Death also came to about another 1500 people yesterday in the UK from a variety of other reasons, many preventable or treatable. What do you suggest we do about those?

JT decoy

Posted on 27-08-2021 16:34 | By

Well he was laughing at his positive result. At least 150,000 people die every day around the world. What you gunna do about that? Nothing. It happens to us all.

@Slim Shady

Posted on 27-08-2021 15:50 | By Justin T.

140 covid deaths in yesterday’s 24 hour period. Would you and you English mate like to have a laugh now???


Posted on 27-08-2021 12:04 | By Lyrch

When can the people of NZ have a choice in which vaccine they can take? Myself and and an ever growing number of people I know, would like another option, other than the (mRNA) Pfizer vaccine currently being administered at this time. Why aren’t the citizens of NZ offered other proven alternatives, either to receive the (active vector) Johnson & Johnson or the AstraZeneca vaccine instead?!

lol at the panic

Posted on 27-08-2021 11:05 | By

Total panic stations now. Listening to that ’expert’ Prof Skegg talking about years of lockdowns. Panic monger. Obviously ignoring what the rest of the world is doing once vaccination rates reach decent levels. Most of Europe is opening up at 60% vaccination rate at most. This bloke wants to keep us locked up for years chasing down every case. Case numbers are not important which is why other countries are going to stop testing and counting them. Just deal with the sick and dying which is pretty much unvaccinated people with other conditions thrown in. If they don’t open up it will be an exodus to the free world. FREEDOM here we come. P.S. my mate in UK just tested positive. Only had a test cos he had to. Surprised it was positive as he only had a slight sniffle. Lockdowns?!! Get real.

Stroll out

Posted on 27-08-2021 10:29 | By Kancho

Immune response will still take weeks but guess people have to start somewhere. Pity the lack of vaccine has been months of delay and unnecessarily so. It was always going to be so as poor planning and execution has been evident from the start. Still hoping that our struggling health systems can cope although already strained before the epidemic. I see already procedures already being cancelled that could be fatal but. It in any covid statistics. My elderly family member still no vaccinated although wanting it.