Port of Tauranga operating at Alert Level 4

Port operations are continuing as usual, albeit with mask wearing, physical distancing and separation between work groups and shifts. Photo: SunLive.

The Port of Tauranga is keeping busy with ships loading and unloading during the Alert Level 4 lockdown.

“Ports are essential services and we need to keep vital food, medical supplies and other cargoes moving,” says Port of Tauranga’s Communication Manager Rochelle Lockley.

“There are no significant delays at the container terminal at the moment.”

Outside of the Tauranga Harbour, ships can be seen via Shipfinder waiting off Matakana Island.

“The ships waiting at anchor are bulk vessels waiting to come in and pick up exports - mostly logs,” says Rochelle.

“Some forestry operations are restricted under level four so that will affect the flow of log cargoes into the port.”

Rochelle says all of their team members that can work from home are doing so, and that on site vaccinations and Covid-19 testing is continuing.

“All other port operations are continuing as usual, albeit with mask wearing, physical distancing and separation between work groups and shifts.

“We have plenty of PPE and cleaning equipment in stock. On site vaccinations and testing continues weekdays.”

On August 10, Port of Tauranga reported that almost all their frontline staff were vaccinated, but there are also dozens of companies that work on the port.

Vaccinations have been available at Port of Tauranga since March but the border order making vaccination compulsory was only introduced on July 14.

Frontline port workers must now have their first dose by September 30.

Ships waiting outside of Tauranga Harbour. Image: Shipfinder.

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@The Professor

Posted on 24-08-2021 17:22 | By morepork

I have some serious issues with the PM, to the point where I will vote against her and her Party when I get a chance to, but your allegation is untrue and unfair. She is no more responsible for the Pandemic than she is for Global Warming. I have been saying for a very long time that people should have been tested before boarding a plane and, when vaccines became available, that we should not let anyone in or out who hasn’t been vaccinated. The fact that these simple measures were not adopted cannot be laid at the feet of any one person, not even the PM. I can’t say that we wouldn’t have the current wave had they been, but it is much less likely and the numbers would be smaller. You and I may see only the protection of the people; Politicians have to see more.


Posted on 23-08-2021 15:06 | By

I actually feel much more sympathy for all the workers at supermarkets as they are regularly abused by ignorant and uneducated morons!! At least the port workers aren’t getting that.


Posted on 23-08-2021 14:48 | By

That’s the least she can do given she’s the one who has let COVID-19 into NZ.

Exporting Logs

Posted on 23-08-2021 14:21 | By RML

Exporting logs a essential service. Yea Right


Posted on 23-08-2021 11:44 | By Lyrch

And I bet the staff are so looking forward to Jacindas big fat empty “thank you” instead of a government paid holiday or some type of remuneration for there efforts. Maybe Jacinda should step up and compensate them to show them how much she really cares?!