Record keeping to become mandatory for gatherings

Scanning QR codes with the COVID-19 Tracer app or making a manual record will be mandatory at businesses and events. Photo: SunLive.

Mandatory record keeping is being introduced for busy places and large gatherings to ensure the Government can contact trace quickly.

This means those responsible for businesses and events will need to ensure people keep a record when they visit, either by scanning QR codes with the Covid-19 Tracer App or making a manual record.

“It is clear that when people use the app or manually sign in, rather than relying on memory, contact tracing can happen much more quickly,” says Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins.

“We know from our own and overseas examples that an outbreak of Covid-19 can be extremely difficult to trace and contain without people keeping a good record of where they have been and who they have come into contact with.

Covid Tracer booklets are also available. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

“So we are making it mandatory at the sorts of places where people gather consistently and in large numbers to ensure that people scan or sign in. This includes cafes, restaurants, bars, casinos and concerts, aged care, healthcare facilities (excluding patients), barbers, exercise facilities, nightclubs, libraries, courts, local and central government agencies, and social services providers with customer service counters.

“Those places where records are already kept and people are already required to sign in, like gyms and some workplaces, won’t need to adjust what they are already doing.”

Mandatory record keeping is currently required at social gatherings including when visiting a marae, at weddings, funerals, tangihanga and faith-based services at Alert Level 2.

It will now be a requirement for those businesses and events that are permitted at any Alert Level. 

The obligation will be on the person responsible for the place or gathering to ensure people can scan or sign in.

This will become effective seven days after any change in Alert Level settings that might allow more businesses to open or gatherings to go ahead.

“We want to ensure businesses and those who may be organising a gathering or event have time to get this sorted,” says Hipkins.

“I understand this adds an extra responsibility for businesses and hosts, but it is necessary to help New Zealand maintain its Covid-19 elimination strategy and help us return to the freedoms we have enjoyed for the past year which so many other countries have not.

“As we have said with masks and face coverings – encouraging people to wear one whenever they leave home and making it mandatory when visiting a business or service in Alert Level 4 – this will only apply to people over the age of 12. Face coverings, when used in combination with good record keeping, are two strong measures that will help in our defence against Covid-19.”

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@ Slim Shady

Posted on 24-08-2021 14:12 | By

Shocking comment. There, you got the reaction you probably wanted but stick to your normal good thought provoking comments not this sort of rubbish.


Posted on 24-08-2021 13:49 | By Justin T.

@Bob Landy. Every little bit helps. How do you think they managed to locate those infected so quickly. So people need to do the right thing.... it’s not hard. @Slim Shady. Please take a realistic look at the situation.... too much conspiracy theory will do your head in and quite frankly I’ve seen it make the believers of the like angry and unresponsive to logical, analytical reasoning.

Ain’t Gonna Work

Posted on 23-08-2021 19:01 | By

It’s impossible to enforce without burly security on every door.

Not necessary

Posted on 23-08-2021 17:00 | By

It’s like Germany in the 30s. We will be getting stopped by the Gestapo and asked to produce our papers. And non vaccinated will have to wear a little armband with a symbol before getting put on a train to the purpose built MIQ facility in the wop wops. Never to be seen again.

Not a problem.

Posted on 23-08-2021 13:44 | By morepork

I don’t use a cell phone, but I am pleased to see they have recognized this and made manual sign in mandatory as well. I always sign in to facilities I visit. It takes a moment and, if tracing has to be done, it just makes it SO much easier for the tracers. I don’t believe that a record of my visits somewhere, violates my Human Rights...