Alarm as teenagers gather to play basketball

Teenagers gathering to play basketball at Tahatai Coast School have raised alarm bells. Photo: Supplied.

"We know it's hard, but please keep your young and young at heart off all playgrounds," says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.  This includes school playgrounds and city playgrounds.

Council staff are working as quickly as possible to get signs up at all the city parks and playgrounds.

"As COVID 19 can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, our playgrounds are currently closed to stop the spread of COVID 19."

The Mauao base track and summit walking tracks are also closed, despite some trying to access them this morning.

Yesterday, while walking past Tahatai Coast School with his children, a parent was alarmed to see teenagers had gathered on the school court to play basketball together.

"Seems like teens on bikes come from all over to play basketball. [They're] not in the same bubble obviously," says the concerned parent.

"When I walk past with my kids they are wondering why they aren’t allowed to hang out with their friends. It’s not fair on them when others are not doing the right thing."

Teenagers playing basketball at Tahatai Coast School. Photo: Supplied.

Tauranga City Council is adamant that while essential services remain, playgrounds and Mauao are definitely closed at Alert Level 4.

“All playgrounds are closed, and we ask people to avoid touching any playground equipment,' says a Council spokesperson.

Picnic tables and public barbecues are also closed.

“Under Alert Level 4 you can still exercise but avoid spaces where you cannot practise safe social distancing.”

As most of the track up and around Mauao are narrow and people are not able to safely maintain social distances, all Mauao tracks will remain closed.. McLaren Falls and some other parks will also be closed to the public.

Under the current alert level, storm water reserves, parks and reserves cannot be weeded or mowed as it is not an essential service.



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Posted on 26-08-2021 15:53 | By morepork

You made the most important point that tends to be overlooked in these discussions: WE are responsible for our health and safety. It is up to us to follow the measures being put in place and recognize it is NOT a conspiracy to maintain power or suppress the population, but simply tools for US to use. Thanks for mentioning it; it is easy to lose sight of. And your frustration is shared by many.

Boo hoo

Posted on 25-08-2021 06:37 | By

If you find comments “scary” you need to ring a Helpline.

Missing the point here

Posted on 24-08-2021 10:14 | By WestieMum

It’s not about how long the virus is active for on surfaces, it’s about the fact they shouldn’t be doing this for a start. Then there is the person to person contact!!! The physical aspect of breathing on each other, passing the ball from one to the other. When it can be passed from one room to another, across a hallway, within seconds, don’t you think that kids playing basketball could contaminate each other? And given that kids seems to be more susceptible to catching Delta, and thus passing it on, they shouldn’t be out playing together. It’s not the Govt nor Police’s responsibility to keep us safe - WE have the responsibility, and letting our kids out to play like this is just irresponsible. So frustrating.

What the

Posted on 23-08-2021 20:03 | By

Most of the comments here are scary. The delta variant has and can be easily transmitted outside, just by walking past someone. It a shame that some readier here don’t seem interest in their own, or others health. Oh and I love the comment about it taking 5 min to take all the hoops down in Tauranga. Most of which aren’t even Council hoops. I mean why do people say this silly stuff.

A point was missed in the discussion here to date.

Posted on 23-08-2021 14:16 | By morepork

We are dealing with the Delta variant. This is around 20x more "catchable" than the original strain. You can catch it just by walking past someone who is infected. (I know... I was skeptical too, but there are documented cases of this.) That’s why masks have become much more important (even though they don’t provide full protection... virus can enter through your eyes...). Outside IS "safer" but, with the Delta variant, we cannot be too cautious and the measures being taken are probably justified.

@ Bob Landy

Posted on 23-08-2021 07:27 | By

Not disgraceful at all. Mein Fuhrer is quite correct as catching coronavirus outside is rare but not impossible so absolutely is the safest place to be. I’m not saying people should gather on mass outside though but they aren’t.

SORRY, but Mein Fuhrer

Posted on 23-08-2021 00:17 | By The Caveman

Is right !! The bug is dead in a short time in the "outdoors". However if the council was serious about the "public" not using the outdoor parks with BB hoops, then the should have REMOVED the hoops from the parks - it’s afive minute job to remove each hoop !!!!

@Mein Fuhrer

Posted on 22-08-2021 19:21 | By

Disgraceful comment and disgraceful monicker.

Virus can last up to 72 hrs

Posted on 22-08-2021 12:14 | By Mein Fuhrer

Indoors, not outdoors where it’s gone in a few hours, outside in the sun and fresh air without a mask is the safest place to be.


Posted on 22-08-2021 11:32 | By

It’s no different to road rules. People will decide what level of risk is acceptable to them. And as we know, ALL Kiwis break road rules all the time.