Changes to kerbside collections during lockdown

Food scraps and glass bin collections will not be collected. File photo.

Tauranga City Council says the lockdown is forcing them to make some temporary changes to kerbside collections.

"Under Alert Level 4, we are making essential changes to our kerbside collections service to help keep everyone safe," says a council spokesperson.

"Garden waste, rubbish and yellow-lid recycling bins are all being collected as normal."

Food scraps and glass bin collections will not be collected.

"We're unable to collect glass recycling or food scrap bins as they must be picked up by hand as opposed to being lifted by a truck, which poses a health risk to our drivers and the community.

"Residents are encouraged to hold onto recycling and food scraps until the next collection. If that’s not possible, food scraps and glass can both go in the red-lid rubbish bin. Glass in the red-lid bin should be the last resort as it will be sent to landfill, and please be mindful not to overfill your bin.

"If your rubbish bin is too full, glass can be put into the yellow-lid recycling bin, but it won't be recycled."

Assisted service

"During Alert Level 4, we are unable to provide an assisted kerbside collection service due to the level of manual handling that is required," says council.

"If you will miss a collection this week and your bins are full, we may be able to visit your property next week to provide an assisted service if it is safe to do so."

Alternatively, if you have means to take your rubbish or recycling bin to the kerbside on your designated collection day, it will be collected.

Assisted service customers can contact council if they have any questions about their service.

Bin deliveries

Bin deliveries are on hold for the next few days, we will provide further updates in due course.

Transfer stations

Te Maunga Transfer Station is closed to the public.

Check the council website for more information.

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Posted on 20-08-2021 12:54 | By morepork

I’m pleased to find myself in agreement with you for a change... :-) The arrangements being put in place are sensible and the best that can be done under the circumstances.

Come on

Posted on 18-08-2021 20:14 | By

Another day and the usual players are attacking council. For let me check…….. not wanting to spread COVID.


Posted on 18-08-2021 18:11 | By dumbkof2

thats ok if your rubbish is collected this week just another council stuff up with this silly collection idea

No Problem

Posted on 18-08-2021 18:01 | By Local Too

I’ll just put the glass and food waste in the rubbish bin.