Police visible across the country during lockdown

Coster says police will be out and about around the country and will be checking that people’s travel is for essential purposes only. File photo/SunLive.

Police will have a highly visible presence across New Zealand to ensure awareness of the Alert Level 4 restrictions now in place.

Our absolute priority is ensuring New Zealanders are safe and supported, and our focus will be on engaging, encouraging and educating people during the Level 4 restriction period.

However, Police expect people are by now well aware of what is expected of them and they are asked to follow the rules.

People can expect the Alert Level restrictions to be enforced.

Police have been carrying out high visibility patrols at supermarkets and other essential businesses across the country, to provide reassurance and assist with managing crowds where required.

These reassurance patrols will continue throughout the Alert Level 4 period.

"We will have a visible presence across our towns, cities and on the roads to ensure people are keeping to the restrictions and that people who are travelling are doing so for essential and approved purposes," says commissioner Andrew Coster.

"Police is aware of one unauthorised community checkpoint that was put in place in the Coromandel yesterday evening.

"We understand that some small and isolated communities feel particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, however, as during previous Covid-19 Alert Level 4 restriction periods, there should be no need for community checkpoints.

"Police and other agencies remain responsible for ensuring that people comply with the restrictions under the different Covid-19 Alert Levels, and all engagement is done for the purpose of keeping all of our communities safe."

Coster says police will be out and about around the country and will be checking that people’s travel is for essential purposes only.

An update on any enforcement activity will be provided at today’s 1pm press conference.

Police are receiving a number of enquiries with regard to people moving around yesterday evening, says Coster.

Alert Level 4 came into effect from 11:59pm and people were able to move around New Zealand without restrictions up until that time.

There is also 48 hours from last night where people are able to travel home.

"However, Police have been active on the road network, particularly around holiday hotspots, to check that people are doing the right thing, and to deal with those travelling in breach of the order," says Coster.

"Police staff across New Zealand have been instructed to wear face coverings and appropriate PPE at all times when deployed and within Police sites.

"The majority of Police stations will be closed to members of the public during Alert Level 4 and where possible, members of the public are asked to visit us online."

Information on front counters remaining open during Alert Level 4, as well as information on bail conditions is available at the Police website

For information about court processes go to the Ministry of Justice website.   

Information about reporting possible breaches of alert level restrictions can be found here.

People can report non-emergency situations online at or call 111 if it’s an emergency.

For the latest information and updates on the Alert Level restrictions visit

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Busy Roads on Tuesday

Posted on 19-08-2021 07:20 | By

Yes, the roads were busy. We got told after 6pm that we were going into lockdown. How are we meant to work from home, for who knows how long with no gear from the office so yes, we went to the office to collect laptop, paperwork etc.

Taking the mickey

Posted on 18-08-2021 19:08 | By

We live in Pyes Pa and I always take our dog on a circuitous walk. I decided to count cars for the hell of it. Walking up our street to Pyes Pa Rd I was passed by 21 cars. Turning onto Pyes Pa Rd to the next turn, I was passed by 53 cars. Taking said turn I was passed by another 17 cars. Reaching our street and heading back home I was passed by yet another 6 cars. That’s 96 different vehicles between 1-2pm today, first day of lock down. When I did this route during the first lock down last year, I was passed by 6 cars. My wife and I remember this vividly because our whole family was walking on the road so yep, we just might be taking the mickey around town alright

Engage, Encourage and Educate

Posted on 18-08-2021 12:14 | By

Are you out of your mind Jacinda. It is way past time for this mamby pamby PC crap. Like Australia, ramp the fines up and start issuing. It is time for action, in fact it is passed time. People know what they need to be doing and if they refuse to and blatantly flout the law then serious action is required. Enough nodding and smiling.