Matt Chat: Local government reforms

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley.

In this month's Matt Chat, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley addresses our local council reform and talks the big A (amalgamation): What could that look like for our city and how would that benefit businesses?

Cowley is proposing that the four commissioners stay on at Tauranga City Council next year, along with four elected people from the community.

He says local government is being reviewed and draft review is due out in September.

The final review is due in 2023.

Watch the video above to see more of what Cowley has to say.

  •   •  This video was originally developed for the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce Chamber Voice newsletter. Please click here to read this in full.

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Government reforms

Posted on 07-08-2021 16:51 | By Kancho

I can’t see this government with its track record so far getting the touted reforms either done on time or with good results. I have no faith and fear they will make things worse. Particularly concerned with 3 waters as it strips billions of dollars from ratepayers assets. Water is a local commodity and best in local hands. If the government wanted consistency then some councils need investment but not all. Auckland alone has 11 billion in ratepayers hand. Water may go the way of power supply now on overseas share markets. Water already being sold off overseas owned bottling plants