Regional council takes action on climate change

Coast Care sand dune planting day - sand dunes provide natural protection from coastal hazards and climate change. Photo: Supplied.

Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council adopted a revised Climate Change Action Plan today today.

The more we do to cut carbon emissions and build resilience now, the better off we’ll be in the future was the driving force behind the plan.

Strategy and Policy Committee Chair Paula Thompson says there’s no more business as usual or ignoring weather-related events like the recent flooding in the South Island.

“Climate change is the most significant environmental issue this region, and the world, is facing,” says Paula. “As a regional council, almost all of our day-to-day work is factoring in climate change. Whether we’re reinforcing stop banks or planting sand dunes or investing in electric buses to cut carbon emissions.

“Alongside this work, we’ve chosen to fund an additional 19 projects that specifically focus on climate change,” says Paula.

“As a council we’re constantly looking ahead to the challenges we’re likely to face and looking at what we can do about them. These are big and sometimes costly decisions and it’s important we have good information to back them up.

“You can’t do anything about what you don’t know and that is why some of the projects we’re funding are focused around improving our understanding of regional risks.”

Stairs at Waihi Beach during a 2020 weather event. Photo: Supplied.

Councillor Thompson says that there is an increased focus on transport emission reduction projects through the Long Term Plan which is also reflected in the action plan.

“Bus decarbonisation will support delivery of emission reductions from public transport, alongside other initiatives that have a stronger focus on the travel choices people make, such as the Carless Wednesday Challenge and the Travel Demand Management and Behaviour Change programme,” says Paula.

In 2019, the Government passed the Zero Carbon Act which provides a national framework for action on climate change adaptation and mitigation and includes a target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Solar panels from the roof of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Whakatane office. Photo: Supplied.

The Regional Council’s Action Plan includes a broad range of projects which focuses on what residents need to do within the Bay of Plenty as part of this national picture.

Councillor Thompson says whilst the big projects are important, individual action is also essential, particularly around choosing ways in which we can live more lightly on the planet and produce less emissions.

“How you get to work, the items you buy that come wrapped in plastic, your lifestyle choices - these all add up to your individual carbon footprint. Every act matters,” says Paula.

To view the Climate Change Action Plan 2021-23 please click here.



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Posted on 06-08-2021 17:53 | By This Guy

Yes the earth has natural heating/cooling cycles. If you look at the data you can see the lines gently go up and down over thousands of years... until you hit the industrial revolution where temps just keep going up and up and up and up and up and up. To think the billions of tons of CO2 we’ve put in there air over the past 100 years doesn’t have any effect on the planet is just wilful ignorance. Petrol companies have known about the effects their product would have on the planet since the 80s and instead of changing anything they decided it was better to suppress the study and fund misinformation campaigns to deny there’s a problem at all so they could keep making obscene amounts of money.

Waste of time

Posted on 05-08-2021 08:26 | By Kancho

Whether a cyclic event or man made it won’t make any difference what is done it will just be a delusion for those who believe it will. If a planetary cycle then it’s unstoppable, if it’s man made then population growth will overtake any measures tried. The third world wants much more resources with its struggling population growth . Only richer countries have green guilt and a minority. Even NZ is feeling pressure with five times population growth since 1900 and accelerating fast

SO lets get REAL

Posted on 04-08-2021 22:25 | By The Caveman

What area does this Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council actually cover - seems to be something that has just POPPED UP !! But let’s get to the REAL questions !!! Waihi Beach - sorry, but I spent many years there on Xmas holidays in the 1960’s and 1970’s with the family - GREAT HOLIDAYS However it was VERY obvious even then in those days to me as a 10-17 years old, that the "sea" was washing away the total beach front (and beach front batch owners LAND!!! The whole beach front is SAND hills that were obviously built up over 100’s of years buy the sea, BUT - the seas will never be stopped, from taking the sand hills back again !!


Posted on 04-08-2021 20:31 | By

Earth has swung from greenhouse periods to ice ages for hundreds of millions of years. We are due another ice age. And before ice ages temperatures rise rapidly. Nothing we can do. It is all wasted effort and money. Mice trying to stop a steamroller. Idiots.