Tauranga Council receive 7000 calls about bins

Tauranga City Council rolled out a new kerbside bin collection service in July. Photo. Tauranga City Council.

Tauranga City Council received 7000 calls in the first three weeks of the new kerbside rubbish system but recycling standards have seemingly been high among Tauranga residents.

The early stages of the kerbside rollout is a topic of discussion in today’s Council meeting.

The new kerbside collection service was introduced at the start of July and has received a mixed response from the general public.

Council report they received around 7000 calls related to the new kerbside collection service over the first three weeks of implementation.

These calls relate to questions about what should go in each bin, when collections were taking place and requests over garden waste. Council also received a number of complaints, regarding missed collections or not receiving bins.

But Council’s sustainability and waste manager Sam Fellows says that volume of calls was expected and that it now appears people are getting past the teething stage.

“Call volumes are higher than usual, but this was to be expected from an operation of this size,” he says.

“Common themes include when to put the bins out, missed collections and what items go in each bin.

“Call volumes are now decreasing, which suggests residents are getting into the swing of the new service.”

One resident who has not been happy with the service so far is Welcome Bay’s Anita Eaton. She says she has been “fobbed” off by Council over bin grievances.

Anita should have been one of the first collections but her bin was missed in the first week.

After contacting Council, she says she was told they could collect her bin the next day if left at the top of the steep hill where her rubbish is collected.

However, that did not happen. Two weeks later she was still waiting.

“I got in touch with them and they said someone would get back to me so I got back to them again and again and again but heard nothing,” she says.

“Look I know when you ring up it is not the people that answer’s fault and they get the brunt of it. But when you are promised that they are going to ring you or at least email you and you get nothing after a week it is pretty bad.

“I feel really, really let down and disappointed by it to be honest.”

Despite these immediate issues the early signs suggest locals have a good grasp on what can and cannot be recycled.

The Material Recycling Facility for Tauranga’s rubbish has informed Council that contamination amongst recycled waste was much lower than what was expected, especially when compared to what other cities have seen in the opening stages of their own roll-outs.

A recent audit of bin collections in Whakatāne showed a disappointing amount of non-recyclable material being discarded as recyclable.

However, for now, Council are not getting carried away with that positive feedback with official statistics available next month.

“There is still work that needs to be done before we can announce contamination rates,” says Sam.

“We’ll be able to officially announce these early September.”

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Posted on 02-08-2021 20:55 | By groutby

....I would say the council will get into ther ’swing of things’ after the first year ( if anyone uses it by then) which, strangely enough will coincide with the forced collection rate increase...

Misdirected anger

Posted on 02-08-2021 16:44 | By

Please keep it civil when speaking to the council customer service people, they are doing their best and don’t deserve angry or abusive calls. The phone operators are not to blame if your bins weren’t picked up.

user pay system

Posted on 02-08-2021 16:30 | By hapukafin

another well planned rushed project.TGA is known as a retirement city and many of the household are only single or double senior occupants who dont have a lot of rubbish or know how to recycle rubbish.A user pay system like WBOP wuld be the only fair system.Lets have a change.

Food bin

Posted on 02-08-2021 12:46 | By Kancho

I noted collection was very late and in the dark . Not that worries me as I will most probably never use it . Certainly seen no need this far

Generally happy but

Posted on 02-08-2021 12:43 | By Kancho

Why can’t it be fairer. I have to wonder why if the bins have identification that bins could be charged per pickup and by weight. One lady up the road would oh need a pick up every two months but pays weekly the same as a family with jammed full weekly bin pick up. Also are the council serving people well enough with difficult driveways and mobility problems ? Seems there were many not getting help so has that bedded in to a better service?

Missing bin

Posted on 02-08-2021 12:34 | By

On the first day of emptying the rubbish bin the bin disappeared. I reported it next day and twice since and still no replacement???? Last time of reporting we offered to go pick it up at wharehouse but that’s not allowed so we remain with nowhere to put rubbish for collection. Very frustrating!!


Posted on 02-08-2021 12:00 | By

I like how the Council man says “residents are getting into the swing” of it and “people are getting past the teething stage”, when by their own admission missed collections are one of the top three reasons for calls. When are Council going to get past the “teething stage” and get into the “swing” of the new service?!

Our collection

Posted on 02-08-2021 10:25 | By Merlin

Our collection day is Wednesday on a long shingle drive and have delivery assistance because of disabilities.So far we have had Thursday after ringing up and Tuesday and now we have been told it will be Tuesday contrary to the calendar.So confusing.