Day one of national booking system goes to plan

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

The first day of the Covid-19 vaccination national booking system being live to the public was a resounding success, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says. 

Around 165,000 people aged 60-64 were sent invitations yesterday by letter, email or text message asking them to reserve their two appointments online at Book My Vaccine – – or by calling the Covid Vaccination Healthline.

There were 105,811 new bookings made yesterday, bringing the total number of future bookings in the system to nearly 950,000.

More than 70 per cent of people aged 65 and over – a large proportion of group three – have either been vaccinated or are booked in.

Yesterday was also another record day for the vaccination programme, with 41,305 doses administered, says Ashley.

“This really demonstrates that our teams throughout the country are working to our plan as they ramp up the delivery of vaccines to New Zealanders.

“Over the past week, our vaccinators have administered 212,527 doses, setting a new seven-day benchmark.  

“But this isn’t just about the health system – it’s New Zealanders responding together. It’s really heartening to see that everyone is playing their part to protect themselves, their whânau and the whole country.”

Ashley says anyone who is eligible who hasn’t booked a vaccination appointment should do so as soon as they can, either online or by calling the vaccination call centre at 0800 28 29 26.

“That includes people in groups two and three – once you’re eligible to book, there’s no cut-off, and you can book your appointment at any time.

“The call centre did a great job yesterday, taking more than 21,000 calls. But they’re ready and waiting to take more.”

The Covid Vaccination Healthline is available from 8am-8pm seven days a week.

Fewer bookings are made on weekends so Saturdays and Sundays are good times to call, although the average call wait times yesterday was only four minutes.

Ashley says anyone in the wider population can also visit Book My Vaccine and register their details.

“Once bookings are open for your age group you will be sent an email or text letting you know it’s time to reserve your spot.”

Vaccination statistics at a glance (as at 11.59pm 28 July):
Total doses administered:         1,800,777
First dose administered:        1,089,156
Second dose administered:           711,621
Future bookings in system:           943,187

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Yep way to slow

Posted on 30-07-2021 08:08 | By Kancho

The vaccine poor supply and then the vaccination just shows how pathetic our government and health system is coping . The spin is just incredible. Just watched Ashley Bloomfield on TV on mental health. What a lot of side step and proving how red tape bound bureaucracy is. Again incredibly slow. Work load of mental health workers for youth absolutely in crisis and has been for years


Posted on 30-07-2021 08:08 | By

So as we pat ourselves on the back for opening a booking line, nothing more, Israel is now offering the 3rd Phizer jab. Supply doesn’t seem to be an issue. But it never was, was it?

Good for you

Posted on 29-07-2021 21:03 | By

You need to get a move on mate. The latest studies from Europe show that after 6 months the antibodies will have already severely diminished, so Group 1 will be due a booster very soon. Interestingly studies have also shown that immunity from the jabs lasts longer in countries that have had high exposure to Coronavirus. So that won’t apply to NZ. Also, another study from the UK found that the “sweet spot” for the gap between the first and second jab, for Phizer, was 8 weeks, not 3 weeks, to maximise the antibody levels and longevity. All verifiable facts for people to mull over. No need to hide the scientific truth from people in a free democracy. I’m sure the unbiased Sunlive would agree.