Cabinet agrees to the managed return of NZ citizen

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Image: RNZ.

The Government has agreed to the managed return of a woman, who allegedly has links to Isis, and her two young children from Turkey.

Suhayra Aden and her children have been in immigration detention in Turkey since crossing the border from Syria earlier this year. Turkey has requested that New Zealand repatriate the family.

“The safety and wellbeing of New Zealanders is paramount for the government,” says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“New Zealand has not taken this step lightly. We have taken into account our international responsibilities as well as the details of this particular case, including the fact that children are involved.

“The woman was a dual New Zealand-Australian citizen until Australia revoked her citizenship,” says Ardern.

“As most New Zealanders know, I made very strong representations to Australia that she should be permitted to return there. Her family moved to Australia when she was six and she grew up there before departing for Syria in 2014, on an Australian passport. Unfortunately, Australia would not reverse the cancellation of citizenship.

“However Australia has subsequently assured us it will proactively consult with New Zealand if any such case arises in future”

“New Zealand is not able to remove citizenship from a person and leave them stateless, and as New Zealand citizens this country is the only place where they can currently legally reside,” says Ardern.

“While negotiations with Australia have taken place, extensive contingency planning has been underway involving the police and several other agencies and the government wants to be as upfront with people as it can be about the planned return.

“I can assure people great care is being taken as to how the woman and her young children are returned to New Zealand and how they will be managed in a way that minimises any risk for New Zealanders.

“Planning by agencies has been two-fold – to ensure all appropriate steps are in place to address potential security concerns and to have the right services in place to support reintegration, with particular focus on the wellbeing of the children.

“A number of other countries have managed the return of mothers and children from the region and this is the position we now find ourselves in.

“They are not Turkey’s responsibility, and with Australia refusing to accept the family, that makes them ours.

“Agreeing to a managed return was the right step in this case, but we reserve the right to look at any future cases on a case-by-case basis based on the best interests of New Zealand.

“In this case the welfare and best interests of the children has been a primary concern,” says Ardern.

Details about arrangements or timing to bring the family home will not be made public, neither will the security arrangements in place when they arrive.

“It has previously been made clear that any New Zealander who might be suspected of association with a terrorist group should expect to be investigated under New Zealand law, but that would be a matter for the police,” says Ardern.

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Posted on 27-07-2021 13:19 | By morepork

... is a wonderful thing, and we are right to show it. The kids (ages not given) are probably guiltless and there is a good chance that the mother has changed her mind about a few things. NZ is unlikely to be seriously threatened by a solo mum, even if she IS still a terrorist. But all of this begs the question of how serious we are about people running off to join terrorist groups. If someone acts against our country and their citizenship, is it not reasonable that that citizenship is withdrawn? (And I would advocate some very serious investigation and evaluation before it is restored.) I hope the family can put the past behind them and find some peace now.


Posted on 27-07-2021 11:20 | By

The safety and wellbeing of all NZ’ers is paramount. Really? Allowing a person with known strong links to an active global deadly terrorist organization into NZ does not even sniff of safety and wellbeing, being paramount. Australia is running rampant over us and you Jacinda are allowing him to do it. You need to learn a new word. It’s shorter than your ’yes’ word, it’s ’NO’. Often as a leader, nice, warm and fuzzy needs to be put aside. I think this is a strong case for bringing ART’s into permanent action and arming our Officers with a sidearm.