SmartGrowth releases Tauranga housing plan

The plan details the steps needed to deliver more affordable, warm, and dry homes across the region.

SmartGrowth’s Leadership Group has today met with Ministers Woods, and Mahuta to approve a new district-wide housing plan for Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.

The Housing Action Plan details the steps needed to deliver more affordable, warm, and dry homes in the right places across the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty region.

The Action Plan will be used to inform the SmartGrowth Joint Spatial Plan and the Priority Development Areas taskforce.

However, given their importance, many of the actions laid out in this plan will proceed independently of the Joint Spatial Plan, says a statement released this morning.

“We must work together across the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty district to improve our housing system now, and for the future,” says independent Chair Peter Winder following the quarterly Smart Growth Leadership Group meeting today.

“The actions outlined in the SmartGrowth Housing Action Plan are a starting point which we will review and add to over time.

“The SmartGrowth Housing Action Plan is the first step towards better coordination across our region.

“I am pleased that SmartGrowth is taking a leadership role in tackling these challenges.”

In addition to approving the Housing Action Plan, the Leadership Group also considered and approved the annual Stocktake of growth challenges for the sub-region.

This critical piece of work contains a number of recommendations for how SmartGrowth will bring together key players from our region to partner with government to tackle issues and work on providing solutions on behalf of citizens and ratepayers.

In December 2020 SmartGrowth commissioned a Stocktake of significant growth areas across the Bay of Plenty.

This report provides those Stocktake findings and recommendations for the way forward.

“SmartGrowth partners will now start talking to ratepayers and citizens across the region about what this means for them, and we look forward to continued engagement with communities about how we can build a better place to live, work, and play,” says Winder.

About Smart Growth

SmartGrowth Leadership Group is responsible for implementing the SmartGrowth Strategy and Implementation Plan on behalf of ratepayers in the Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty, and Bay of Plenty Regional Council areas.

The SmartGrowth Leadership Group Joint Committee meets quarterly to discuss its progress in advancing the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of the western Bay of Plenty.

In addition to representatives from Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty councils, iwi, community and business organisations, Ministers Hon Nanaia Mahuta and Hon Dr Megan Woods attend the quarterly meetings and have full voting rights and.

This arrangement is one of the few times that central government has partnered with local government in this way and is helping ensure SmartGrowth is aligned with the priorities of Central Government and working together to best manage growth for our communities.

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Posted on 28-07-2021 08:25 | By Kancho

Two of the Smartgrowth are now commissioners so not much confidence there either.

@ Kancho

Posted on 26-07-2021 20:34 | By groutby word, and sadly that word is.....agreed.........

No smarts here

Posted on 26-07-2021 17:53 | By Wonkytonk

I have also been here 15 years now, all I have seen is very poor planning and projects. all we do is build houses in every space available. We only just started to build up too. Officials in these positions need to be held responsible for poor management. TCC for example only got a modelling team in house 2019 but paid $$$ for consultants, but for some reason this was never predicted?!

More of the same?

Posted on 26-07-2021 15:04 | By Glen C

Completely agree with comments by Kancho.


Posted on 26-07-2021 12:44 | By Kancho

I am always bemused by the title Smartgrowth as it seems to be the opposite. I’ve been in Tauranga twenty years and have seen the marked deterioration of infrastructure and not keeping up with growth. Thousands have come here and roads are congested, water restricted, build costs spiraled and rates on a steep rise. So this is Smartgrowth? Used to go anywhere in fifteen minutes now it can take that and more just to get through Greerton. I have seen reserve land built on , seen the garden and lawns die from lack of water , transfer station closed, bus routes reorganized into not working as well. So their idea is to keep adding houses and industries onto the infrastructure, Smartgrowth ? Still plenty of sitting , being highly paid I guess so that’s smart.