Tauranga family‘s input leads to millions

The Tauranga winner became an instant millionaire on Wednesday night.

A Tauranga father is celebrating after his lucky numbers saw him become the country’s newest Lotto millionaire by winning Lotto First Division this week.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been buying Lotto tickets for several years with special numbers chosen by his family.

“A few years ago I sat down with the family and we picked a few numbers each for my Lotto ticket – there were birthdates and anniversaries, as well as everyone’s lucky numbers. And I’ve played the same lucky numbers ever since – we had a few wins here and there, but nothing major,” says the man.

But that all changed this week, when all six of his lucky numbers came up in Wednesday night’s Lotto draw – he just didn’t know it yet.

“I didn’t know a prize had been won by someone in Tauranga, so when I saw an email from MyLotto while I was getting ready for work on Thursday I didn’t think anything of it,” the man says.

“It wasn’t until that evening that I remembered and finally got around to checking the ticket. I opened the Lotto NZ App and watched as the Lotto numbers started being circled off on my ticket. I thought, ‘hold on, we’re actually getting a few of our numbers on one line’.” the man says.

“When I saw all six numbers circled on one line of the ticket and a message saying I’d won $1 million, my hands just started shaking – I couldn’t believe it.”

Still processing what he was seeing, the man took a screenshot of the winning ticket and sent it to his wife.

“My wife called me straight away after I sent her that – she was convinced I was pulling her leg,” laughs the man.

“Luckily it didn’t take long for me to convince her that our lives had changed in an instant, and then all I could hear was her screaming with joy down the phone,” says the man.

With the winnings now safely in his bank account, the man and his wife plan to celebrate their windfall this weekend with their kids and are looking forward to planning for their family’s future.

“Everything my wife and I have done over the years is for the kids, and this win will make such a huge difference to all of our lives. We are absolutely over the moon,” says the man.

The $1 million winning ticket was sold on MyLotto for the draw on Wednesday, July 14.

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