Kerbside Coach to educate on how to recycle right

The Kerbside Coach is part of Council’s education programme to ensure residents recycle right.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is introducing a kerbside collection coach to help educate the community on how to recycle right.

This week, residents will begin to see the kerbside coach, or recycling inspector, hitting the streets in an effort ensure efficient recycling and reduction of unnecessary landfill waste.

The role forms part of Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s kerbside rubbish and recycling collection service which started on July 1, servicing nearly 17,500 eligible households.

Council’s Deputy CEO and Group Manager Infrastructure Services, Gary Allis says the Kerbside Coach plays an important role in ensuring residents recycle right so Council can deliver a valuable and efficient service.

“If non-recyclable items or dirty recyclables are placed in recycling bins these items will contaminate good clean recycling which can lead to a whole truck of otherwise clean recyclable material going to landfill,” explains Gary.  

“Recycling bins with contaminated material, such as dirty or incorrectly recycled items, are often sent to landfill, which costs more, moves the disposal costs from user pays to rates funded and undermines our district’s waste minimisation objective.”

Armed with educational tags the Kerbside Coach will be randomly checking recycling bins, attaching a different coloured tag, depending on the quality of the recycling.

If a household’s recycling bin contains a high amount of non-recyclable items, then it may get left behind so as not to contaminate a whole truck load.

A green tag will be assigned to those who are recycling well, a yellow tag to those who need to improve and a red tag to those who have too many incorrect or unwashed items – after receiving two yellow tags.

A red tag may be given if contamination is deliberate or extreme contamination is visible.

Being labelled with a red tag could result in recycling not being collected until improvements are made.

Gary appreciates like any new service this will take some adjustment but encourages residents to be patient.

“We are very happy with the way things have been going. For the most part, residents have been putting the correct recycling in the correct bins which is great.

“One area of confusion we are noticing is with our pay-as-you-throw tags. If you are putting your red lid rubbish bin out for collection you must have purchased a single use pay-as-you-throw tag and attach it by looping it through the two handles (red and black handles). The tag must break free and fall into the truck on collection.” 

For a full list of pay-as-you-throw tag stockists visit

If unsure of your collection day or which bins to put out use Council’s collection day search function at

For more information visit

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Yes Mr.Hall

Posted on 15-07-2021 06:18 | By Justin T.

People are that thick that they don’t follow instructions. They are also devious and will try anything not to pay extra by having to put general rubbish in the general rubbish bin.


Posted on 14-07-2021 15:53 | By

what is that costing the rate payer, car, running cost, his salary, plus extra’s. if the people are that thick they cannot follow the instructions God Help this country it is going down the tube fast.

We are a bunch of lazy people at best.

Posted on 14-07-2021 13:29 | By Justin T.

We need the inspections guys! You’ve seen in previous articles the type of rubbish people block our sewer systems with, do you really think the rubbish collection system is going to fare any better? I think not! It’s not hard. Unfortunately we have in our midst people who can’t read, don’t care, lazy or are socially inept. The council may not be able to take away their toilets but at least they can refuse their recycle rubbish which means Mr & Mrs lazy have to pay for removal or dump it in a nature reserve (something that comes quite naturally to some).

Fine Move but....

Posted on 14-07-2021 12:54 | By

A good idea to get the new system underway and be a fruitful exercise but.. I hope these new inspectors come from within the District Council’s current establishment and not additions to the already large salary bill.

Big Brother is..........

Posted on 14-07-2021 09:41 | By Bruja

watching. Be afraid, be very afraid of the......’red sticker’. Oh dear. Insanity 101.

Made me laugh

Posted on 14-07-2021 08:10 | By

Made me laugh when I saw the heading "kerbside Coach", but then the story quickly put me right when it mentioned "Inspector". Let’s not dress this up - they are Inspectors and they will be out there waving their big stick. Another expense to the rate payer!! I hope that car he or she is using is electric too, otherwise it sort of defeats the object of becoming adding another petrol driven vehicle!!