Man pleads guilty to police officer‘s murder

Constable Matthew Hunt was killed during a routine traffic stop in Auckland last year.

A man has pleaded guilty to the murder of Auckland police constable, Matthew Hunt, during a routine traffic stop in June last year.

Meanwhile, a second officer who was shot and seriously injured can now be named as David Goldfinch.

Eli Epiha, 25, pleaded guilty last Wednesday to Hunt's murder and dangerous driving.

A court order meant the plea could not be reported until now.

Epiha denies the attempted murder of Goldfinch.

He is on trial before a jury in the High Court at Auckland.

Natalie Bracken is also on trial, charged with being an accessory to murder by driving the getaway car.

The trial is set down for three weeks.


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Guess The Song

Posted on 12-07-2021 16:35 | By

Well put. I couldn’t agree more.

Support our cops

Posted on 12-07-2021 13:56 | By

My sincere condolences to all members of our police force, from the commanders to the newest recruits. How lucky we are to have people willing to deal with the lowest forms of life walking amongst us. Makes a mockery of our government officials pandering to the barbaric elements around the country with financial handouts and a pat on the back.