LIVE: Hipkins gives briefing on NSW situation

Minister for Covid-19 Response Chris Hipkins is giving an update after New South Wales this afternoon announced 44 new cases of Covid-19 in the community.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian today announced new restrictions would be put in place as the upward trend of cases continued to worry authorities in the Australian state.

She stressed the importance of strict lockdown measures to avoid deaths.

"Do not think that the NSW Government thinks we can live with this when our rate of vaccination is only at 9 per cent," she said.

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@ Morepork

Posted on 13-07-2021 11:41 | By Kancho

Had the government not stuffed up vaccine supply we could certainly be a lot more advanced with vaccines. Early delivery was possible but they wouldn’t pay the extra 40 million. Had they done so it would have saved far more. Still not vaccinating border workers should be absolutely required to work. The borders are where all cases come from its not rocket science .still the vulnerable elderly etc not vaccinated nor people that work with them .


Posted on 13-07-2021 07:51 | By Kancho

So huge numbers of New Zealanders who are still stuck all over the world and still unable to book quarantine spots for months now have people being offered free spots in front of them . Worse people are making money by rotting the bookings using computer programming to get quarantine hotel spots . Incompetent booking system and irregular flights yet we can get already infected fishermen travel to New Plymouth and now the whole ship’s crew go into quarantine. We still have elderly unvaccinated , border workers month after month. Government spin won’t over the incompetence. Shame

It COULD be simple.

Posted on 12-07-2021 15:13 | By morepork

The could reduce or even possibly eliminate MIQ and the costs associated with it, if they simply required ALL travelers to be vaccinated, just as they did with Smallpox. The handling of our borders with "bubbles" and "on-again/off-again" quarantines has been a history of bad management. We have been incredibly lucky and a large number of people have had to work all kinds of hours for us to enjoy the freedom that we currently do. It’s time to draw a line and proscribe recreational (and some business... video conferencing is cheap and available) travel, UNLESS you have been vaccinated and it was within a period considered long enough to give you immunity.

Chickens roosting

Posted on 09-07-2021 16:54 | By

It’s starting to unravel. The bubble was always BS, Zero Covid is impossible and people want to live their lives. NSW is proving this. Now we have clueless Hipkins talking about a booster shot when we can’t even get border workers and old people vaccinated. Joker. Phizer are starting on a new vaccine for Delta, which is the dominant strain in the world, but NZ will be getting the old one! We will be at the front of the queue for a less effective vaccine, whilst those who were at the front of the queue 6 months ago, will be getting the new improved version. Hahaha, way to go Government. Incompetent smoke blowers. I bet all those stuck in Oz are looking forward to 2 weeks in MIQ for $4000. They should refuse to pay. The WHO said the cost should be met by Governments.

More lies

Posted on 09-07-2021 16:08 | By

According to reports Chris Hipkins has said that Kiwis coming back on green flights will need to go into MIQ for 14 days. But, he is saying that they won’t be charged for their stay. This is completely against what they said......when warning people that they need to understand the risk of the bubble popping and that there would be no assistance from the Government. Why the hell is the taxpayer having to pay for the risk takers. They should ALL be charged UP FRONT for their MIQ or stay in Oz until MIQ is not required. More lies and the taxpayer suffers!!!