$1.8M for BOP climate change projects

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana Chief Executive Fiona McTavish. Supplied photo.

Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council has confirmed it will spend about $1.8m on funding climate change related projects as part of its 2021-31 Long Term Plan.

Two years ago, regional councillors acknowledged climate change as a serious issue for the region by declaring a climate emergency and making a commitment to work with the community on transitioning to a low carbon future and adapting to the changing climate.

Toi Moana Chief Executive Fiona McTavish says when it comes to climate change Council wants to work towards transformational change but in the immediate future focus is on practical, real actions, while working with communities and collaborating with partners.

McTavish says the funding will include a menu of small-scale, practical projects, which will have the ability to be scaled up.

“We recognise the importance of our leadership and advocacy role but we are also committing to support new and additional community initiatives and work with other local authorities as they engage with their communities.

We need to ensure the region is adapting to a changing climate and helping to facilitate a transition to a low carbon economy.”

Along with a number of community groups, funds will also go into a Whakatāne River Climate Change Resilience Plan, a bus decarbonisation feasibility study and a regional Climate Change adaptation plan.

Funding will also support iwi led climate change adaptation planning which covers an understanding of the risks being faced by a specific iwi or hapū as well as progressing a regional risk assessment.

This funding is in addition to Regional Council’s existing work programmes which also help climate change adaptation and mitigation such as public transport, biosecurity and environmental compliance.

Key Climate Change Related Projects in Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Long Term Plan include:

Free bus fares for school students

Bus decarbonisation feasibility study

Envirohub funding

Carless Wednesday Challenge funding

Tourism BOP Low Carbon Economy funding

Organisational emissions reduction initiatives

Priority One funding

Sustainable BOP Charitable Trust funding

Whakatāne River Climate Change Resilience Plan

Regional risk assessment development

Support of iwi and community led climate change adaptation planning

Climate Action Toolbox workshops

Analysis of regional EV charging infrastructure

Analysis of regional primary industry greenhouse gas emissions

Wetland restoration scoping study


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A Waste Of $1.8M

Posted on 08-07-2021 12:18 | By

Nothing in the list will change the climate in the BOP let alone New Zealand and certainly not the planet.

What a sham...........

Posted on 07-07-2021 22:07 | By groutby

..just go through the etc. it is so sad to see this stuff already gone over, and over, and over and yet continues to happen....actual result?....nada....over it.....