Car and truck crash on Takitimu Drive

Traffic delays are being reported in the area. Supplied photo.

Reports are coming in of a crash on Taikitimu Drive.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says a car and truck have crashed near Elizabeth Street.

"It doesn't look serious but there will be significant traffic delays."

Image: Google Maps.

Google Maps' Live Traffic Reporting shows traffic stalled in both directions of the roundabout.

People are being advised to expect delays in the area.

SunLive is working on getting more information and will provide an update when we can.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to

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It is moot

Posted on 09-07-2021 09:45 | By

Only an idiot would consider this the car drivers fault. But as we know NZ punches above its weight when it comes to terrible drivers.

@Lets Get Real

Posted on 08-07-2021 07:23 | By Justin T.

Agreed, right of way will get you killed if the wrong doer/inept driver has jumped the gun through impatience, incompetence, lack of concentration, arrogance etc. But I know this rig is well and truly capable of staying within its own lane around this particular round-a-about because this truck is well "advertised." Blind spots..... well that’s another story, and a good reason why a vehicle with well documented blind spot should not attempt any form of lane change within the confines of a double lane round-a-bout. Shame the Police don’t make comment on this because on the day they would have decided who was in the wrong and all this discussion would then be moot.

@Lets get real

Posted on 07-07-2021 23:15 | By

you need to consider your ’insults’ and your inferred heavy vehicle expertise when you are trying smart comebacks to someone has training and many years experience in Emergency Vehicle response and knows fully well how to anticipate situations, capability and effects of driving heavy loaded trucks...and seen many the aftermath.


Posted on 07-07-2021 17:17 | By

I don’t mean to insult, but if you’re repeatedly having to take evasive actions you’re not anticipating the actions of others very well. However, I will agree whole heartedly with you regarding logging trucks, but then they are attempting to control many times the weight of your vehicle. Incidentally, right of way should not be the deciding factor at traffic lights or roundabouts. It won’t serve you particularly well from a wheelchair or hospital bed. What most people forget is the forward momentum created by the load behind the steering wheels. It’s harder to get a bus or truck moving or stopping than a car or ute, just because of size and weight.

@ Lets get real

Posted on 07-07-2021 13:18 | By

I can personally attest to the numerous times I have exited from Takitimu drive Sth to Elizabeth St, having right of way but needing to slam on my brakes because Heavy vehicles DO NOT STOP and ’coast’ into this roundabout, despite seeing others cars approaching, There are also several times travelling in the same direction (as the picture incident) around this roundabout that the same heavy vehicles consistently cross over the lane markings due to the speed they carry into it and not being able to negotiate the left / right / left swing out of the roundabout for fear of roll-over...


Posted on 07-07-2021 10:06 | By

That people are willing to "risk it" rather than hang back for just a couple of seconds to allow a heavy vehicle to manoeuvre. Even more astonishing that some people believe that there is as much manoeuvrability for a truck and trailer unit around a corner or a roundabout in an urban environment as there is for a car. Impatience and lack of consideration is a blight on our roads from all drivers.

Astonishing? Really?

Posted on 06-07-2021 16:05 | By

Maybe, just maybe, you could have read the scenario wrongly. I can see another possibility which doesn’t involve calling the car driver’s judgement into question...

Hang on a minute.

Posted on 06-07-2021 13:18 | By Justin T.

@Astonishing. Take a closer look at the photo. Every single wheel of the right side of the truck is in the is in that lane, and evenly. So who is at fault? I’m theorizing there is a different reason for this scenario.


Posted on 06-07-2021 10:16 | By

That drivers don’t understand that the rear wheels of a 10 metre (or greater) vehicle don’t follow the same line as the front steering wheels. Please let bigger vehicles manoeuvre before you try and pass because there’s only going to be one winner.