Shipment of 150,000 Pfizer doses arrives in NZ

File photo/MOH.

The country's largest shipment of Pfizer vaccines so far has arrived in New Zealand two days ahead of schedule, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says.

The consignment of 150,000 doses was flown into Auckland Airport yesterday afternoon.

They had been checked to ensure ultra-low temperatures were maintained during the flight and that none of the vials were damaged in transit.

Hipkins says the early arrival means no DHB will run out of vaccine - which would have happened on Wednesday if the shipment had not arrived.

The Ministry of Health has been in constant contact with Pfizer, which released the doses early, Hipkins says.

"I commend and thank everyone involved - including the wider vaccinator workforce - for their ongoing efforts to ensure people continue to get vaccinated," Hipkins' statement says.

Hipkins says one million doses are arriving this month which means the vaccination programme could start being ramped up.

Most district health boards had been vaccinating above vaccine targets, but before the latest shipment were being asked to scale it back.

Group 3, which includes among others people over 65, cancer patients and disabled people, were being told that they will be contacted to arrange a booking by the end of July.

The rollout plan has the general population in group 4 start getting the vaccine from late July. An online booking system will be online from July 28 and those over 60 will be invited to book from that date.


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Posted on 05-07-2021 12:38 | By Johnney

I have never seen so much orchestrated political spin. They make it clear on Friday we are running out and next delivery is Wednesday. We wake up this morning with the news it has arrived two days early. Ain’t this government so wonderful « not ». Another smokescreen to avoid the real issues that need addressing. Wonder what great distraction they are cooking up for tomorrow !!!!


Posted on 05-07-2021 07:34 | By

Interesting definition of “ramping up” - changing the plan and delaying the start of Group 4 vaccinations!